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By / August 20, 2009 / Rumors

When there is nothing baseball related to report, we do like the old ladies and gossip.

According to many in the media, Gary Sheffield requested an extension from the Mets today. When he was denied the extension, he was very upset and threatened to leave the team to go home.

Now nobody is confirming this.

The only thing that is for sure is that Sheffield did request the extension. Joel Sherman of the Post spoke with an official who confirmed this much.

There were rumors he had been released. Those rumors are unfounded.

Sherman said Sheffield was originally supposed to play tonight, but he pulled himself out of the line up. Supposedly it was because his head was not into it.

Listen, if you are denied your contract extension, you get out there and play your game anyway. Stop throwing a little tantrum. The only thing it does is make you look bad.

So now he just sabotaged himself. Sheffield just proved what those who did not want him right. He’s a big baby who throws a fit if he does not get his way. Other teams are  not going to want to deal with this garbage.

Who wants a man on their team who in the end is only out for himself?

Play your game and the Mets will reward you, Sheffield. Apparently, you just cannot do that. You have no business wearing a Mets uniform or a uniform of any other team for that matter. Winning games is about teamwork, not one man.

Sheffield, is about one man.

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