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By / August 24, 2009 / Injuries

Update 4:00pm:

Kevin Burkhardt of SNY said Francoeur has a torn ligament in his left thumb. Francoeur says he still wants to play.

Why not? Alex Cora had two torn ligaments and still played. He can have the surgery during the offseason.

At the same time, there is nothing to play for. So why go through the pain when you do not have to? They are not even playing for pride. Pride went out the window a long time ago.

With an injury to his thumb on diving play in right field in yesterday’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies, Jeff Francoeur is now officially a New York Met. He said so much himself.

Well, right now he is in the Hospital for Special Surgery getting an MRI done and his thumb and will not be playing in today’s game. He will be replaced by Cory Sullivan.

X-rays which were taken yesterday came back negative. That’s great for the bones. Now let’s check out the ligaments. That’s where the MRI comes in.

Brian Schneider thought he was being funny when he said to Francoeur:

When are you going to St. Lucie [for rehab]?

My friend, the way the Mets season is going, I would not be surprised if that’s where he is a week from now.

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Denise Winter

He is day-to-day, but we all know how that goes with this team. You know what, maybe it’s best they get it out of their system now so next year will be our year!!


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