Santana To Miss Start

By / August 24, 2009 / Injuries, Press Conferences

Johan Santana is experiencing some discomfort in his left elbow and will be missing his start tomorrow against the Florida Marlins.

The announcement was made during the post-game report by Jerry Manuel. Nelson Figueroa will be taking his place.

Santana is going to see a doctor tomorrow. There has been talk that he has been hurt through most of the season. I have questioned it as well.

Manuel said he cannot give a definitive answer as to how long Santana has been experiencing this, but estimates since after the All-Star break. Santana wants to come back to continue pitching.

There is a possibility that we will not be seeing Santana for the rest of the season pending the results of the exam.

Bobby Ojeda is a little miffed. He did not like a reporter asking Manuel why the Mets just do not shut Santana down for the season:

Why do they always want to shut us down? We don’t want to be shut down.

Darryl Strawberry agreed.

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Ed Leyro

‘Han The Man should be shut down if it ends up being even a minor injury. Of course, the Mets need a reason to put fannies in the seats, so this could be a tough decision.

Looks like the Mets should just call everybody up on September 1 when the rosters expand. After all, they do need to submit a lineup card with nine relatively healthy players on it.


I heard last night that he may need surgery. Not looking good, you want Santana to be healthy for next year. So, if he does need it, do it as soon as possible.

And, it is going to be a long September. Does anyone know what the record is for most losses in the month of September? Since we have zero talent in triple A or even double A, it might be a very long month.


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