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By / August 24, 2009 / Injuries

I have had enough of Jose Reyes and his nonsense.

I’ve been trying to catch up on the Mets via many different websites. I’m working two jobs now while going to school, so I have not really been able to catch up.

Well I read this little tidbit by Matthew Cerrone that just sent my blood pressure skyrocketing:

the buzz from Citi Field suggests much of jose’s delay might be in his head, not his leg, in that he might be gun-shy to push it for fear of making things work

I do not want to hear it. While Cerrone might be understanding, I certainly am not.

Reyes is paid to do a job. You mean to tell me that all of this is in Reyes’ head? Tell Mike Pelfrey to give him the number to his shrink and let Reyes get some mental therapy.

I’m sick of Reyes and his lack of effort. He is lazy. The Mets need to ignite a fire under his butt.

If Mets brass thinks it could be in his head, then they better tell him to see someone about that.

I am going on record to say I no longer feel sorry for Reyes or will tolerate his laziness. If he will not put in the effort that is required to be a part of this organization, then ship him to a team that is willing to put up with it.

The Mets have had more than their share of headaches this season. They do not need anymore. If this is going to be Reyes’ attitude from now on, I do not want him on the team next year.

Yes! I understand he has had leg issues in the past. Regardless, he has to do what he has to do.

I’m convinced he is not coming back either. So then the Mets should just shut him down so the baby has nothing to worry about.

If I were to find out that this was his attitude since before the All-Star break, I am going to blow a fuse. Rage does not even begin to describe what I would be feeling.

Reyes could learn a lot from Carlos Beltran.

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