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As you all know, Billy Wagner was claimed off waivers by the Boston Red Sox. Quite a few thought it was a Florida team. Please! Those teams are so frugal. They would not even spend $50,000 on him.

Well things have hit a snag. Wagner has a no-trade clause. In order for him to go, he needs to waive it. As of right now, he is doing no such thing.

If he is to waive it, here are his demands according to Mets.com:

  • the Red Sox not pick up his 2010 option
  • offer him arbitration so that he can find another team where he wouldn’t be a setup man for Jonathan Papelbon

You have to love veteran players.

Well negotiations will continue through tomorrow. After that, the Mets can decide either to pull him back or let him go without being compensated.

No compensation? ¿Estan loco?

Baseball is a business. I better get something in return. There are no freebies here. You better give me mine! I want Jacoby Ellsbury. I know! Wishful thinking.

What is up with Papelbon anyway? He has “reservations” about adding Wagner?

He should be grateful he’ll have somebody on the team who can pitch. Papelbon could learn a few things from Wagner, like actually competing.

By the way Pap, I never thanked you for the cookie you threw to Omir Santos. It was lovely!

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Ed Leyro

Back in 2006, the Red Sox went into the off-season thinking that Papelbon was going to be a starter in 2007. Papelbon was quoted as saying ”They like it and I like it, and I will go into the off-season with the mind-set that I am going to be a starting pitcher.”

Just a few years later, he thinks he’s Mr. Bullpen Expert. He’s more like Mr. Bullpoo expert instead! I agree with you that he could learn quite a bit from Billy Wagner, an experienced professional who has proven that he can deal with hostile fans and the media. Then again, maybe he’s afraid that Billy will say during a post-game interview “why don’t you ask Pap over there for his opinion? Oh, that’s right. He’s gone.”


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