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I read a comment somewhere online today that said, “Rest the regulars for the remainder of the season.”  Ummm … WHAAAAAT ???  What regulars??

Normally that’s how it would go this time of year. Either a clinch is eminent and you can give your stars a much needed and deserved break, or you are so far out of the race anyway, it wouldn’t matter, so you would still give them the break.

But tell me exactly who you’re going to rest now?

The only one who may need a little rest is Luis Castillo. And not even, since he hasn’t been in the lineup the entire year either.

This team of second string players (or third string, or fourth string) is the team for the remainder of the year, along with a few September call-ups, that will probably be mostly pitchers anyway.

So let’s seriously think about what this team can accomplish next year, with a healthy Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Maine, Putz, etc. If they all perform like we know they can, the possibilities are endless.

So instead of resting our players, let’s rest our minds. And patiently and excitedly await the 2010 season.

Let’s Go Mets !!!

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Great post Tanya. Plus, athletes don’t like resting. I can understand resting players for the playoffs. I can understand giving other players an opportunity to see what they can do. But, most players are competitors and want to play when they are healthy. Our problem this year was the injury bug. It would be nice to see what the mets could do with a healthy everyday line-up.

Here are a few questions the mets would need to answer going into next year?

1) Can you live with Daniel Murphy at 1b, or do the mets try to bring someone in?
2) Pelfry, Maine, and Perez – can they be the 2, 3, 4 pitchers or should the mets look for another option as their number 2?
3) Does Jerry Manuel return at manager or any other coaching changes?
4) What do the mets do with 2nd and left field?


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