Reyes Needs Surgery

By / August 28, 2009 / Injuries

Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News reports Jose Reyes has a torn hamstring tendon behind his right knee. He may require surgery. The Mets are contemplating it.

What is there to contemplate? Tell Reyes to have the surgery. The longer you prolong it, the longer it will take to actually heal and risk him not being ready by Spring Training. Have you completely lost your mind?

It is not a major tendon. So Reyes will be fine should he have the surgery. Rubin stated that particular tendon is usually the one partly removed to be inserted into the elbow during Tommy John surgery.

Reyes is the seventh player on the Mets to have it announced. I say it that way because I know he will have the surgery. Common sense dictates that.

Earlier this week the Mets announced season ending surgeries for starting pitchers Johan Santana, Oliver Perez, and reliever J.J. Putz.

Alex Cora, Fernando Martinez and Jonathan Niese already had their season ending surgeries earlier this month.

I’m waiting for the announcement of Carlos Beltran getting microfracture surgery if he needs it.

The Mets need to do the right thing and tell Reyes to have the surgery now. Do not wait! They only hurt the team for next year bu waiting.

With all the leg problems Reyes has had, the Mets should already know it will take awhile for him to actually recover.

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amen. i think you hit the nail on the head though.
“…I know he will have the surgery. Common sense dictates that.” that explains why he probably won’t, right away, and, oh wait, that would have made sense to do that in May or June.

it’s kind of sad when the fans all seem to be smarter than the team’s management on things like this.

Ed Leyro

Anyone who thinks Reyes shouldn’t have the procedure done should have brain surgery performed on them.

Look what has happened to the team without him. On Friday’s SNY broadcast, I believe it was Gary Cohen who said that Met shortstops this year have scored only 50 runs. Jose Reyes averages well over 100 runs a year on his own when he’s healthy. They also said (but don’t quote me on this) that last year the Mets were 60-12 in games that Reyes scored a run.

He has to be 100% healthy next year come Opening Day for the Mets to have any chance of competing. No Reyes = no chance. To delay the surgery that will inevitably have to be done would be foolish.


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