Maine Coming Back?

By / September 2, 2009 / Injuries

Why? I mean, SERIOUSLY! So the incompetence continues.

John Maine is apparently working in Port St. Lucie along with the rest of the crippled and dilapidated. Only this time, it looks like he might actually come back this month.

I really have to question where the Mets heads are.

Common sense, at least to me, would dictate that since we are in September and the Mets have zero shot at playing anything meaningful, you leave the crippled where they are and let them rest for next year.

Am I wrong in thinking this?

Why are we trying to get these guys back at this point in the season? Leave them alone. Let them rest and prepare for next year. Their chance to prove anything has long gone out the window.

I do not want to hear about “pride” either. There is none of that anymore.

What I do understand is needing to know where the Mets stand as far as pitchers go when the Winter Meetings begin.

Here’s a thought: Just get 20 pitchers. We will need all of them.

Quite frankly, I do not want to hear about another player “coming back”. Just let us Mets fans be put out of our misery. Get this season over with already.

Mets in 2010 anybody?

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Efrain Velazquez

I really don’t have much to say, I agree with you 100%. They have nothing to come back for , so for that stay home, lay back and collect your pay check.


i will respectfully disagree with you. the mets have a ton of question marks going into next year,and as a fan base we will all be thinking as much as the mets brass this off season what is in store for the 2010 new york mets. so that being said, i believe it is vital that if we can to answer some of the questions now,so the game plan in the winter can be concrete. i believe that is what this whole thing is all about. some pride,and a lot of questions being answered.


I personally believe that if you are able to play, you should. I will root for my mets if they are 40 games over .500 or under .500. So, it doesn’t matter to me who is playing. However, as Efrain stated, there are a lot of questions marks going into next year. The mets still need to evaulate their players. I want to see every met who is injured come back to play. Some are obsviouly done for the season because of surgeries. But, I want to see Carlos back with the mets this weekend.


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