An Emotional Shea Stadium

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Say hi to Ralph and the other guys in the booth. Write back a letter. I don’t use e-mail.

Let me know how you’re doing. And I’ll pass it on to Murph, Jean Coen, Gil, Agee and Tom McKenna and Tug, of course. See ya. Let’s Go Mets!

Your buddy,

Shea S.

Yesterday I was going reading to see what was going on as I always do. I happened to come across a letter from Shea Stadium to Citi Field.

It was very emotional. In all honesty, I must admit that my eyes welled up.

Shea spoke about all the wonderful moments she got to experience with the New York Mets and her fans; from her opening day to Seaver’s near perfect game, to the moment Bill Buckner let the ball go through his legs.

Her love for the Mets and the fans was unlike any other.

Mike Piazza, Darryl Strawberry and HoJo, says Shea, wore out the old home run apple with all the home runs they hit.

She continues on in her letter of encouragement to Citi speaking about the walls at Citi Field. Tom Seaver and Doc Gooden probably could have won 30 games if they had those walls, she states. The perfect game Shea never saw, she thinks Citi Field will.

Remember Endy Chavez’s catch? So does Shea. To her, it was the best catch to ever happen in her park.

The letter really tugs at one’s heart when Shea tells Citi:

I thought I’d have a few more weeks. But they started taking me apart right away.

As Mets fans, we all remember that moment when the last wall fell. We all cried. I hope you all got to pay your respects to Shea. There will never be another park like her.

To the very end, she was classy and made sure we had a great time. Despite the was the last two seasons ended, Shea Stadium went down with dignity.

We’ll never forget you Shea. We loved you then and we love you now.

Citi, you have some very big shoes to fill. Right now, you just have not come close. Next year is another year though.

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My best moment with Shea – Braves/Mets. Mets score 10 in the 8th to beat the braves, Piazza caps it off with a 3 run homerun down the line. It was a bullet that nearly took out Gil hodges retired number.


Beautiful simply Beautiful ! Shea will always be alive in my heart. Nilvio i was at that game sitting in the Upper Deck. It sure was shaking up there when Piazza hit that bullet.

Tanya Mercado

Thanks. I have so many memories. The one that sticks out the most is my first game. My parents took me and I got a Doc Gooden starter figure with his baseball card. That was the giveaway for the night. I thought I was cool. My dad also had me bring my baseball glove in case I caught a ball. I remember the place being so cool to me because it was so big and it was my team.


I’ll never forget the Benny game in the 2000 NLDS vs the Giants. I was sitting at the Outer Field Box Seats down the right field line wearing my #50 Pinstripe Benny jersey. When he cracked that HR over the leftfield wall…Shea Exploded and we all went crazy ! People were pounding me because i had a Benny jersey on. It was like i hit the HR and my teammates were waiting for me @ home plate to pound me. As we left Shea everyone was chanting “Benny,Benny,Benny.” it was and always be one of my all time Shea moments along with the 06 NL East clincher,Matt Franco’s GW single off M.Rivera,Piazza’s HR vs the Braves in first game back after 9/11 and on and on.


NYR, I was in the upper deck also. I thought we were going to bring the house down. It was awesome! What a feeling! Melvin Mora, yea that guy, had a swinging bunt single. HAHA. It was great.

I was also at the Angels game when Floyd walked off on a 2run homerun against shields.

Hey, I heard that Benny call on the radio, I was coming home from somewhere and had my walkmen on. haha. Good stuff!


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