Baseball Helped Us Heal

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September 11, 2001

It was an eerie day for all of us. To this day, many of us feel as though it were a dream.

On that day, those of us who love our baseball were thinking about the playoff races. The Mets had a chance that year. The Yankees? Well, they were being the Yankees.

Then the towers were hit and collapsed.

Suddenly, baseball, football, or anything else just did not matter anymore. We were all in a daze. It was like, we were here, yet we were not. New Yorkers everywhere just walked around in a daze.

I can honestly say, I never saw New York stop so suddenly in their tracks. The whole world stopped. One could swear even the earth itself stopped spinning on its axis.

It was just about being with loved ones and mourning the loss of thousands. We suddenly became aware of how fragile life really is.

Some might have thought it was wrong. I, however, felt it was necessary to have a distraction. I do not handle devastation well. It was not until two years ago I finally visited the site and that was not by choice.

When baseball returned, it was at Shea Stadium, Mets vs Braves. On this day, we were no longer enemies, but neighbors who shared in heartache of 9/11/01.

I was searching for a good video to share. This is what I found. Please allow time for the video to load.

I think more than anything else, Mike Piazza will always be remembered for this home run. The whole city just erupted in cheers, like the world was just lifted off their shoulders.

There began our healing!

God bless you Mike Piazza! God bless the families who lost their loved ones in the towers, overseas in this senseless war, and those who had to clean the area. Even they are victims. Many had gotten sick and have since passed away.

If you see a police officer, firefighter, EMT worker, or soldier be sure to thank them. They gave you everything they had, including their lives.

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Like everyone else i will never forget the events of 9/11. From watching the attacks on tv at work to the walk from 54st in the city to Brooklyn. Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and seeing nothing but smoke where the Towers once stood i remember asking myself will i make it home ? Will there be another attack ? Will the Brooklyn Bridge get attacked while i’m walking on it ? Will i see my family again ? Will i see the woman i love so much again ? Thank God the answers were all yes ! Of course days later i did go to Shea Stadium for the first sports event after 9/11. On the train ride everyone was for the most part quiet. Getting off the 7 train and walking to Shea was the same thing..people being very quiet. Inside Shea there was no music playing over the speakers and you could tell people did not know what to expect. But we all knew a ballgame was to be played. Before long bag pipes could be heard and Marc Anthony sung the S.S.Banner. Before long a game was played. Mets vs Braves…7 innings pass and the Mets are losing and along comes Mike Piazza in the bottom of the 8th. And with one mighty swing sending the ball just to the left of the 410 sign over the wall. We cheered not only for Piazza and the Mets..but we cheered because for the first time since 9/11 we knew we would overcome and get stronger. It really was a night i’ll never forget.


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