New Hispanic Night Date

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As many of you probably remember earlier this year I made a big stink over the fact the Mets did away with Hispanic Heritage Night. I was criticized for my opinion and for my displeasure with the organization over it. Would you believe I am still getting a lot of hits on that blog?

Well I am now  here to say the Mets have brought it back, in case you have not heard already. Just in time to say goodbye to the season too.

It is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22nd at 7:10pm against the Atlanta Braves. It is being sponsored by every Puerto Ricans favorite company, GOYA. God bless Goya!

I am actually surprised they did it for a Tuesday. Usually these are scheduled on a Friday night. It has been for the past few years.

So there you are. Go and enjoy! Have some fun for me. I will probably be working that night. It figures! The one time it is not on a Friday night, I still cannot go because I have to work.

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