2010 Preliminary Schedule

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The Mets  have released the preliminary schedule for the 2010 season. Maybe that’s their way of giving Mets fans something to look forward to.

Hardly! The only way we fans are going to get excited about next year, is after the Winter Meetings and throughout the offseason to see who GM Omar Minaya decides to bring in. Give us a bat and you are well on your way.

Then again, look what happened to our revamped bullpen. We thought it was in the bag. I propose we go into next year with a pessimistic attitude.

Oh wait! We do that every year.

What is there to look forward to? The Mets open the season at home against the Florida Marlins on April 5th at 1:10pm. Followed the by the Washington Nationals.

Curious about the Yankees series? They will play at Citi Field May 21-23. They head to Yankee Stadium June 18-20.

The play the teams in the Central Division 37 times. Facing Albert Pujols is going to be a load of good times for us.

The Mets close out the season against the Washington Nationals. Looks like we are losing the last three games of the season.

Ah! Good times!

You can go to Mets.com for the full schedule. All dates and times are subject to change.

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the 2010 schedule is out, and the Mets can do NOTHING to get me excited about the 2010 season. I’ll be excited to watch baseball for the sake of baseball. I’ll be excited to get back to Port St. Lucie in March. But I won’t get excited over the 2010 team, or any future Mets team, until they clinch a playoff berth. It’s the same attitude that I had after last season. they have to do a lot to repair that damage.


I had a great time at the game last weekend. We lost a wallet and did we find it? Do you think a Mets fan would turn in a 12-year old’s wallet? He had nothing in it but $15, a library card and a metrocard. Check out my blog (I have NO Traffic) so I’m hoping you check it out to find out if we received our wallet from Lost and Found. http://mybeautifulnewyork.wordpress.com/


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