Rage Says It All

By / September 25, 2009 / 2009 Offseason

That seems to be how every fan is expressing their anguish about this season.

We were, and still are, disgusted with management. The lack of bringing aboard players who could have helped by the deadline when the Mets still were in striking distance. You give up Jose Reyes and Fernando Martinez for Victor Martinez. Both still have value and that was what was being asked for.

The Wilpons are broke. I get that. Unfortunately, many other fans don’t. Yet, you cannot excuse this. You bring in V-Mart and the Mets fans will fill those seats. They will buy merchandise, food, and whatever else.

The fans were given no reason to come to the ballpark by the middle of August. So naturally, you are broke that much more.

We were excited about the new ballpark until we actually saw it. Where were the Mets history? Locked away in a storage unit. Some was finally brought out after Mets fans were outraged by the disrespect.

What happens when the offseason rolls around? Wait! It is already here!

So what are you going to do now? How will the fans of the New York Mets be appeased? I dare you to make us happy and excited for 2010. That is a challenge that, personally, I would give my right arm to have.

I’ll break it down for you Mr. Omar Minaya. Here is what you do:

  1. Bring in a Felix Hernandez type of pitcher. We want quality pitching. Not potential pitching. Potential pitching got us Oliver Perez. We’re not falling for that again.
  2. Bring in a left fielder who can hit. Carl Crawford from the Tampa Bay Rays sounds pretty damn good to me.
  3. How about a good catcher? Well, we do not expect you to turn water into wine. There is not much out there to go after. Except maybe Victor Martinez who the Red Sox will undoubtedly throw money at. Throw more money. The fans will make it worth it.
  4. A first baseman will be nice too. There are enough options out there for you to consider. I’m hesitant on Nick Johnson because this was his first healthy season.
  5. Get new trainers! HELLO!!!! For the love of Bob Murphy, something has to be done here. Those injuries that most of the players suffered was just poor conditioning.

So those are just a handful of things that can be done to appease us the fans of the crippled, dilapidated and completely dysfunctional New York Mets.

It’s a start, Minaya.

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Tanya! Great article! I respectfully disagree with getting Victor Martinez for f-mart and Reyes. F-mart is suppose to be the next big thing and he is 21 years old. Reyes, we have seen what he can do when healthy. I don’t think it makes sense to trade those two players for someone who would only be around for next season. Plus, the mets were 10 games back at the trade deadline. With no pitching and David Wright as the only offensive option. How many games would V-mart have really help us win? Maybe 6-10 more. That means we still finish out of the playoffs and have give up two young player who make little money.

Now going forward, I agree; mets need a number 2 pitcher. They also need a Left-fielder. They might also need a 1first basemen or catcher. I would get rid of manuel. The mets have no fundamentals. Look at the twins, can anyone name 3 of their starting pitchers? How about their 5-9 hitters? Yet, they are competitive every year. Why? They played solid team baseball and don’t hurt themselves. They run the bases better than any other team and they commit the fewest errors. And they play smart. They play aggressive. Their pitchers throw strikes because they know, their defense will help them out. Give me a manager and coaches that preach the fundamentals and is always teaching, please.


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