Going Down With The Ship

By / September 27, 2009 / 2009 Offseason

We are the captains of the ship called “The New York Mets”.

What do captains do? They go down with the ship. As Mets fans, that is what we are doing.

No matter how bad this team is, we still go out to the ballpark to see the team that just cannot seem to win. Although, amazingly enough, they have for the past few games.

This is what true fans do. Nobody can say Mets fans are not dedicated. We stick with our team through thick and thin. When ownership pisses us off to them losing games causing them to push themselves into the dismal abyss known as the “postseason blues”.

I have noticed more and more on Facebook just how loyal Mets fans are. I always knew they were. Yet, you sometimes wonder if they still cheer for their team in silence.

No! Mets fans still make themselves known to the world. Kudos to all of you for doing that.

All over Facebook Mets fans continue to have their statuses as one of the following:

Watching the Mets game. Let’s Go Mets!

Still watching the Mets games even though the season is over. LGM!

Let’s Go Mets!

Heading to Citi Field to watch the Mets play. LGM!

Yes Mets fans. You indeed do go down with your ship. Nobody can take your pride away from you. Nobody can take away that love and passion you have for your team. You take your licks and keep coming back.

This is why, no matter what, Mets fans will be back next year to cheer on this team. Red blood is not what flows through your veins. It is the colors of orange and blue, the colors of New York City, that your heart pumps.

No longer do fans cry about dismal seasons. No! Instead, we brush ourselves off and start looking over the free agents list to see what potential players the Mets could acquire to make them better.

When the free agent market crashes, you look at potential trades. Every one plays the role of GM. A very scary thought. I am actually very grateful some of you are not the GM’s of this team. Some of the trades you propose on WFAN scare me out of my mind.

This offseason, message boards and radio stations will be packed with Mets fans trying to play the role of GM. They will pick the brains of their favorite radio hosts. They will email their favorite site writers and beat writers.

While this season comes to another bitter close, you undoubtedly look at next year. You hope for 2010 to be your year.

Keep hoping! Keep cheering! Keep wearing your colors!

The New York Mets are your team and you are proud of it. Never be ashamed. Never cower in a corner. Stand tall! Take on whoever is willing to take you on.

In the meantime, enjoy the football season. The New York Giants and the New York Jets are 3-0.

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I bleed orange and blue, but I can’t say that I set my facebook stautses (myself and my blog’s page) to something Mets-related all that often. I think I have too many “friends” that are Yankee fans that (especially now that they’ve won something) would pounce on it. I’ve also had trouble with the eternal optimism this season (I was one of the first to get down on the 2009 Mets almost 6 months ago).


How great was it to beat Florida 2 out of 3 times, basically ending their season! Let’s go Mets!


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