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By / September 29, 2009 / 2009 Offseason

Update 1:14am:

Yes, I am up at this ungodly hour. I just got home from work.

Anyway, it seems the New York Daily News is reporting something different. Thanks to Paul for the tip. Adam Rubin is saying the creme colored uni’s will replace the snow white and the pinstripes will stay.

Both the Post and the Mets website share the same story.

Well, time will tell. Either way, the Mets will be getting new uniforms.

Get ready Mets fans! The beginning of the serious changes are about to be made.

The New York are considering making changes to the home jerseys. In a blog I have posted in July I told you the Mets were contemplating getting rid of the pinstripe uniforms.

Well it gets worse.

It looks like they may also be getting rid of the snow white uniforms and replacing them with the cream colored uni’s similar to the ones they wore in August to honor the New York Giants.

I spoke about how I felt about the creme colored jersey’s back in August.

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post said Jay Horwitz will not get into full details about what will happen, only that there will be changes to the home uniforms.

Even worse still?

Hubbuch, in a tweet, said the Mets may be getting rid of the piping on the grey away uniforms.

I have to laugh. I really do because it is sheer incompetency. Let’s think about this for a minute, shall we?

The Wilpons are flat broke, right? The team sucked be it injuries or what have you, right?

Now that we have that established, don’t you think whatever little money they do have should have been, and still be, spent on improving the team? Why are they wasting money on uniforms? SERIOUSLY!

I can only tolerate ineptitude for so long before I completely lose my mind. I do not want to hear the Mets come out later saying,

We ran out of money.

I would be so angry.

To the Wilpons:

You spend money to improve the team first. That is the priority. Not new uniforms. The Mets do not need more uniforms. This is just another way for you to make money off of the fans.

You want more money? Spend what you have on the team and the fans will come to spend their hard earned cash. That’s how you make money. That’s smart business.

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i look at it like this, and maybe i’m wrong, but don’t the Mets get some cut of the uniform sales (to us suckers) profits? if there’s a new set of uniforms, especially at Christmas time, how many fans are going to run out and buy them (or similar-looking t-shirts)? the Wilpons would get a cut of that money, so it turns into a new revenue stream. BP jerseys too I’d imagine (those baseball changes every few years anyway).

but in making a change of uniform, they could be stepping on a very dangerous line of getting away from their history and tradition (you know, the thing that fans have been crying about not having at $iti Field). the Mets did enough damage last off season that I’d be careful about making more changes this one (even fixing things we’ve asked for haven’t gone over very well at first).


The only uni’s that should be ditched are the Black ones. They better do the right thing and keep the Pinstripe,Snow white and Gray jersey with the blue piping. This team is really pushing me ! I’m so FED UP with the WON’Tpons. FRED AND JEFF PLEEEEEEEASE SELL THE TEAM !


The Daily news is saying that the Mets are changing the Pin strip jersey’s to a cream color that it was in the 60’s to differentiate more from the all white jerseys which they are keeping.


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