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New York Mets GM Omar Minaya and COO Jeff Wilpon, along with Dave Howard, were on WFAN with Mike Francesca today. They touched on so many topics. Here is just a few.  

Minor leagues:

Minaya believes there is talent in the minor leagues. It just in lower minors rather than Triple A. Nobody was in a position to come up to help.

Omar’s job and other front office personnel:

Jeff: Omar’s position is not going to change. He is still in charge.

Earlier today Jeff said: “We have significant challenges ahead. Jerry and Omar must step up. And we believe they will.” Sounds like “Win or else”. Good for Jeff! He needed to say that. Put them both on notice. Aw! Look at Jeff. He’s all grown up. How cute!

Minaya: Adam Wogan will be a bigger part of the organization. [He was the farm director]. We are going to be adding a field coordinator. Johnny Ricco will be more involved with the coordinator. We will have a new special assistant come in to better communicate with me what is going on with the minors.

Jeff: It was Omar’s decision to bring Manuel back.

Citi Field being more Mets friendly:

Jeff: We should have done more of that [making Citi Field more Mets-like]. I will take the blame [for the lack of Mets history].

Dave: Adding more imagery both inside and outside to bring in more Mets history. We are developing a Mets history museum in a prominent location that will allow maximum traffic.

Jeff: We didn’t say we were only going to honor the Dodgers and not the Mets…It is a proper criticism.

Positives about the ballpark mentioned to the organization was that it is very intimate and the new HD screen in right field. Most fans liked this. One of the other major negatives were the sightlines.

Lack of home runs:

Dave stated the dimensions at Citi are almost the same to Shea. When you do not have Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran to hit home runs, that is going to impact the team negatively. There was no one behind Wright.

Regarding payroll:

Jeff: We have not talked about slicing payroll. Whether it ends up being more or less I can’t tell you until Omar makes suggestions. We’re going to be aggressive, we have to be, whether it’s in trades or free agents

Regarding Oliver Perez:

Omar Minaya pretty much hopes that Perez can turn it around next year. He thinks that he can. What do I think? Minaya has had one too many platanos.

Regarding Daniel Murphy and Jim Thole:

Minaya admits he needs to learn to take pitches and the kid has been learning the position in the bigs. Minaya earlier said he is not fully committed to Murphy at first. They do not see him as an outfielder at all.

Josh Thole will be playing winterball this year. He will be a major league player. This could indicate that Brian Schneider will not be back next year and Thole will replace him.

Untouchable players:

Minaya feels there are players that are special and are hard to trade. If there was a trade that was presented that really made it worthwhile, Minaya would pull the trigger.

Poppycock! Otherwise Jose Reyes would have been gone already. The Mets have a core they just really need to build around.

Minaya said the core players need to get healthy in order for them to be able to make trades and build around the core.

Mets being picked to go all the way this year:

Jeff: Please do not do that again. The jinx works. [Regarding SI predicting the Mets to win the World Series.]

Regarding David Wright:

Minaya feels he’ll be back to normal next year. He just did not have a supporting cast this year and put to much pressure on himself.

What needs to be done for next year:

Jeff Wilpon feels they have about three holes that need to be filled. There are some opportunities that already has been presented to the Wilpons.

As I mentioned in a blog last week, the Mets have already been in talks about who is going to be kept and who is going to go. They are starting to make plans as to which players they are going after in the offseason. Calls will start taking place soon to other GMs.


Minaya feels like he is being challenged, not so much pressure. He wants to start off by getting everybody healthy. They are talking to the doctors to make sure everyone is on the same page. Doctors will go over the protocols for pre-game, during the game, and post-game.

Bottom Line:

The Mets demand better and expect better from themselves. They want a championship. Jeff wants Minaya and Manuel to stay. He should not be the one coming out talking to the media, unless it is to welcome that World Series Championship trophy. They are going to go after the players they know they need to go after.

From Omar Minaya:

We are committed to winning. The front office is committed to winning. The players are committed to winning. Frankie Rodriguez and Johan Santana came here because they want to win.

Dave Howard:

Mets fans have character. Continue to wear your caps. Continue to be proud of being a Mets fan. Being a Mets fan will help you to build character.

Jeff Wilpon:

Simply wants to thank the fans for coming to the ballpark and supporting this team.

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Excellent recap….that’s why this site is bookmarked for me…and I don’t have to listen to the 3 hour interview…..


I agree..Everything happend while i was at work. I go to this site and just like that i’m caught up. Thanks Tanya ! Now lets hope Dave,Jeff and Omar stay true to their words.


Great recap… I listened to the interview but this was awesome! Thanks again Tanya!


Great recap… I listened to the interview but this was awesome! Thanks again Tanya!


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