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By / October 5, 2009 / 2009 Offseason

Here are the important pieces of the news conference that I was able to get:

  • The Wilpons are pretty upset about the results of this 2009 team. As I said in a previous blog, they are dedicated to build a better team and will remain as having one of the highest payrolls in the majors. There is no limit for Minaya.

My problem with that is they already do, and it really has not gotten them anywhere. As for the “no limit” piece, they say that every year. Last year they cut back. So I do not buy it.

  • There will be changes with the medical staff. Trainer Ray Ramirez is staying put. The youngest Wilpon said most of the injuries did occur on the road and you have to rely on the opposing team’s medical personnel.

Very interesting point! I’ll accept that. However, when the team got back to New York, it was no better.

  • Reyes looks like he will have the surgery on his tendon.

Really genius? Did it hurt figuring that one out? I did months ago.

  • Minaya stated while Murhpy was decent, he is not sure Murphy will be at first base next year.

Oh Minaya! The Brewers are looking to trade 1B Prince Fielder. Make the call! You’ll kill two birds with one stone in getting a first baseman and a power bat.

I’ll have more on this later. I have to get to class.

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So far Mets brass are saying the right things and i’m happy to see this. That being said if the Mets wanna back up their talk then go get Prince Fielder ! I understand a lot would go to the Brewers to get Big Prince, but like you said Tanya “You kill two birds with one stone” 1st baseman with a Power bat !!! Hmmmm !!! Will they do it ? Time will tell.


Did we ever hear Fred or Jeff Wilpon say “I’m sorry” for anything at any point in this? I’m a couple days behind in my blog reading and haven’t read the full transcript yet. I wrote a post directed at the Wilpons on RememberingShea that asked for about 2 dozen things they need to appologize for.

Tanya Mercado

He did apologize. But that does not make me feel any better. The best apology to me is when they give me, at the very least, another playoff berth.


I’d like to see the Mets build for long term and not the short term. And I’m sure that Mr. Wilpon didn’t apologize for EVERYTHING that I called him out for.


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