Manuel, Shines, Alomar: On Their Way Out

By / October 5, 2009 / 2009 Offseason

Update 12:29pm

Alomar, Sr. will be returning in another role, just not as part of the major league staff.

WFAN is reporting the Mets have fired two coaches: bench coach Sandy Alomar, Sr. and 1B coach Luis Alicea.

They will stick with manager Jerry Manuel, Razor Shines and HoJo, Randy Niemann, Sandy Alomar, Jr. and Dan Wharton will all be returning to the team for 2010. It has yet to be determined what roles Shines and Alomar, Jr. will have.

Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog seems to think that Shines has a good chance to be the new bench coach because of the close relationship Manuel and Shines have.

All I have to say on that front is God help us. Shines messed up enough. Not even the players trusted him. How many of them actually stayed at third base when he told them to or stayed at third base when he told them to go home?

If you cannot trust the direction of your coach, then it is hopeless.

Shines should have been fired along with Wharton. I was not pleased with the way Wharton handled the pitchers this year, especially Oliver Perez. Then again, I do not think there is a pitching coach in the majors who can help Perez. I would have liked to see Dave Duncan brought over.

The Mets are already off to a bad start. I’m not happy with these moves. I was hoping for something more. I will give it some times and see what happens.

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just like i thought! my team is a complete joke. this is retarded!! tks tanya for this report as always you are on top of things. the bottom line is for doing a horrible job razor shines gets a promotion!!! mets are a joke!!!


I hope the mets off season is not a disaster like our 2009 season… Razor Shines and Dan Wharton are horrible…. Why they are still apart of this team????? I just don’t know…. Thanks Tanya for this report…


Got rid of the wrong guys ?!? There’s the understatment of the year ! The Mets should go all out and bring in Dave Duncan as Pitching Coach. How does Razor Shines still have a job? Shines more than any coach on the Mets should be fired. It better get better from here.


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