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By / October 5, 2009 / 2009 Offseason

So many wanted GM Omar Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel out. By now you know that is not going to happen. But what might happen? Well, that is a whole other kitten caboodle.

Everybody knows Toronto Blue Jays GM and San Diego Padres GM both lost their jobs, right? You are also probably scratching your heads as to why Minaya still has his job because you, like everyone else, thought this was a sure sign Minaya might lose his too.

Not happening. However, Alden Gonazlez of is reporting Minaya has reached out to both Kevin Towers and J.P. Ricciardi to send condolences about their jobs. I’m sure he is feeling quite fortunate right now.

In addition, Minaya wanted to express the possibility of them joining the Mets organization. That’s right, Minaya. Bring in two more possible replacements should you lose your job next year.

How smart is this? Well, Towers did get Heath Bell from Minaya. You do the math.

Oh and on another note, Wally Backman might be returning to the Mets. According to Joe DeMayo of, the Mets have been talking with him about returning to the Mets as a minor league coach possibly for the Double-A Binghamton Mets.

Could this lead to a major league position? Quite possibly! Backman is highly regarded as a man who is very knowledgable about baseball.

Here’s a thought. Fire Shines and replace him with Backman if Shines gets the job of bench coach. Wow! The logic of that is just simply astounding, isn’t it folks?

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The Mets cannot be dumb enough the make to make Razor Shines the bench coach right ? Please tell me Tanya !


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