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So here we are, another postseason without the New York Mets. Nobody expected this, especially Sports Illustrated who picked them to win the World Series. By the way, thank you for that SI. We really appreciate the jinx. Remind me to never read your magazine again. Anybody else want to boycott SI? Kidding!

The Yankees have managed to enter into the postseason. Like there was any doubt?! The Minnesota Twins, who I consider to be among the scrappiest teams in the majors, play against the Yankees for a chance at the ALCS. The Yankees took them to school beating them 7-2 in the first game of the ALDS series.

Listen! If you think the Twins are winning this series, you have lost your mind. The Yankees swept the Twins during the regular season games. I have a personal vested interest in this. If the Yankees win, my media professor said we do not have to do our final paper. Go Yanks! Yeah that left a bitter taste in my mouth. I’ll rinse later.

I am looking at an Angels-Yankees ALCS series. Despite Boston always defeating the Angels during the postseason, I just do not see them winning. Josh Beckett is not the same guy right now. If is not right, than what do the Red Sox really have? Not much! Jacoby Ellsbury and Kevin Youkilis is not going to save you. Sorry.

You are talking about an Angels team who is hungry for a championship right now, especially after the devastating loss of their young pitcher, Nick Adenhart, and a team who almost every player is hitting over .300. Good luck Boston. You most certainly were not the team to beat going down the stretch. To the Angels, you are just a little bump in their road to the championship.

I am fully expecting a great series with the Angels and Yankees. You most certainly do not want to miss it. Kids, make sure you get your homework done so you do not miss it. Ladies, leave your men alone to watch the game, unless you are baseball fans in which case get the laundry done on the off days, make sure the kids’ homeworks are done and order take out so you do not miss a pitch.

For the first time in a long time, I’m looking forward to this postseason, even if the Mets are not in it.

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I’m really hoping the LA Angels go all the way ! In memory of Nick Adenhart #34 Go Halos !

Efrain Velazquez

As long as the Yankees and Phillies don’t win the World Series I’m good. NOW if a Yankees Vs Phillies World Series scenerio occurs as much as I hate to say this…………I’d be rooting for the Yankees. I hate the Yankees but I hate the Phillies even more. LET”S PLAY BALL!!


Hello, this is gustavo from best buy. I wish u luck on ur sight! Im really enjoying reading ur articles! But the bottom line is that the yankees are going to win it all! this series vs. the angels is the world series… 1 reason…. No NL team can beat either so the winner of this series will go on to win the world series! take care email me with ur thoughts, or just send joey ur reply and he can tell me what u think! Good luck!


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