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By / October 15, 2009 / Rumors

Brace yourselves Mets fans. Just when you think things could not get any worse, here it comes.

Peter Gammons was on the Michael Kay show on 1050 ESPN radio the other day and he made the startling revelation that Mets COO Jeff Wilpon is the real GM. Here’s the quote from

…asked why the Mets had not hired a particular coach. Gammons replied, “Ask the general manager, Jeff Wilpon.”

Asked why Minaya wasn’t interested, Gammons replied, “He’s not the general manager. Omar’s the one out there to take the heat.”

Dear God help us all! If you are like me, you are not a fan of Jeffy Boy. He’s just another rich kid who is getting a free ride from his daddy. Well, like it or not, he is the one will have the keys to the kingdom when dear old dad kicks the bucket.

So the thought of Jeff being the actual GM is a little frightening to me.

Do I think this is the case? No way! I love Gammons and everything, but I think he took a little too far a leap with this one.

Being a GM would actually require some real work. You have to make calls to other clubs. You have to travel through the minor leagues. You have to negotiate contracts and deals. Do you really think that Jeff Wilpon is capable of doing these things? I mean, seriously?

We all know the Mets have just completely lost it. Nobody in all of baseball is not going to take this organization seriously with all of the issues they seem to have.

The fact that Omar Minaya’s role within the organization is being questioned again is just making him look bad. Would you make deals with someone who you are not even sure is the right person to talk to?

This is just ridiculous already. Remember the days when it was always the Yankees that were making negative headlines? I miss those days!

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I always thought Fred Wilpon was smarter than this. Man I miss Nelson Doubleday. I remember reading during the spring or summer some stuff about Jeffy that made it sound like he was almost a college flunk-out. What happened to that assistant GM Ricco? Wasn’t he supposed to take on more responsibility? Just scary. I was saying many many months ago that the Mets were dysfunctional, and we’re starting to see proof. I hate when I’m right.

Tanya Mercado

If Jeffy boy is the real GM, then Minaya is taking on the heat for nothing. He should quit. I don’t know what the story is on Jeff as far as college goes. I heard some rumors. But I can’t verify anything. Ricco is taking on more responsibilities. He will be more hands on with the minors and working more closely with Minaya.


Hmm. So if Jeffy boy is the real GM and Omar is taking on the heat for nothing as you say, then what is he there. Would you hire him now? Could he get another MLB GM job after the season he’s had and the Adam Rubin thing hanging over his head? I doubt it. With no chance of another job, why not stick around and get paid (since they won’t just fire him and pay someone else because they’re being a bit cheap), so they do what happened to George Costanza and keep him, pay him, and put him in a supply closet (maybe not that last part), and he stays and takes it like a man because there is nothing else.


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