Figueroa Gets Number Retired

By / October 16, 2009 / 2009 Offseason

Last weekend, New York Mets home favorite, Nelson Figueroa, had his number retired by his alma mater baseball team over at Brandeis University.

He was there to attend the baseball alumni game. There was a private ceremony afterwards to have it retired.

The college paper, The Justice, had it all covered.

Here’s what Figgy had to say about the honor:

It’s just an exciting time right now. To be honored in this fashion, it’s hard to put into words what it means.

But for someone who’s going to see that jersey number retired, and ask why, and hear the story behind it, it’s going to be something that forever lives on at Brandeis and hopefully inspire[s] some future dreamers.

To say Figueroa has had a great end-of-year is an understatement. At the beginning of the year it was bumpy after being in the minors, put on waivers, leaves the Mets and comes back at his own will. I would have told the Mets where to go.

Figueroa had other plans in mind. I’m sure his thoughts were along the lines of proving everybody wrong in this organization. He did just that.

He made it to the AAA All-Star game, came back to the majors, pitched as a starter and kicked butt starting eight games and ending the season with a 3.22 ERA. Figgy even got the endorsement of Jeff Wilpon when Wilpon said Figueroa was his favorite player to watch.

Did I mention he got the Most Valuable Pitcher award for the minor league team? Yeah! He is just that awesome.

His best game? The last game of the season against the Houston Astros.

Head over to The Justice to read the full article. Ian Cutler did an awesome job.

Congratulations to Nelson Figueroa! You earned it. Now maybe the Mets can learn a thing or two about retiring jersey’s of your most beloved players.

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…and offer him a 2010 contract before he becomes a free agent at the end of the 2009 World Series.

To Jeff Wilpon:
Do you really think no other Major League team will sign Nelson Figueroa to a 2010 contract and that Nelson will turn them down to be a non-contract invitee to the Mets 2010 Spring Training? Yes, he wants to play for the Mets in 2010 and beyond – he’s said that publicly. But he does have a wife and young daughter and a Major League contract provides financial security in these unsettling times. And it won’t cost you much. Nelson has called himself the Mets Geico – low cost insurance. If you meant what you said on the FAN, in the Wilpon/Minaya/Howard interview with Mike Francesa a few weeks ago, when you were asked who you enjoyed watching during the 2009 season and you said Figueroa and Thole, then sign Figueroa to a 2010 contract before it’s too late.

Tanya Mercado

Seriously! I think the Mets will. They have to. After the way he pitched for them, there is no way the don’t sign him. If they don’t, well, they’ll get an earful about it from me.


I’m proud to know Nelson as my friend. He went from playing in a little park on 33rd st here with me and others at O’Dwyer Gardens in Coney Island to Shea Stadium and now Citi Field. To say he’s come a long way is an understatment. Omar,Jeff please reward Nelson with a contract for 2010 with and option for 2011. I think Nelson earned it. Congrats Nelson i’m really proud of you. I did hit a few HR’s off you back in the day….lol.


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