Mets Fans Make Bad Arguments

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Seriously! I am tired of hearing about how the Yankees are buying their championships and this thing and that thing.

Look! The Mets have the second highest payroll. You can make the argument they did not get much bang for their buck. At least that way you are making a sound argument.

This whole thing about the Yanks buying championships is stupid and a moot point right now. They have been trying to do that since 2001. Take a look at their payrolls since 2000:

  • 2000 – $  92,538,260
  • 2001 – $ 109,791,893
  • 2002 – $ 125,928,583
  • 2003 – $ 152,749,814
  • 2004 – $ 182,835,513
  • 2005 – $ 208,206,817
  • 2006 – $ 194,663,079
  • 2007 – $ 189,639,045
  • 2008 – $ 209,081,579
  • 2009 – $ 208,097,414

They have all that money and they have nothing to show for it, except playoff berths that made them look ridiculous.

In four of those years, they did not make it past the first round.

  • 2002 – Lost the ALDS to the Anaheim Angels
  • 2005 – Lost the ALDS to the Anaheim Angels
  • 2006 – Lost the ALDS to the Detroit Tigers
  • 2007 – Lost the ALDS to the Cleveland Indians

Last year, they did not even make it to the playoffs at all.

In 2001 they lost the World Series to the Arizona Diamondbacks. They lost the Fall Classic again to the lowly, money and fan deprived Florida Marlins in 2003.

You want to walk about the 2004 ALCS? If you are up three games, how do you lose the entire series? Ask the ’04 Yankee team. They managed to do just that against AL East blood rivals, the Boston Red Sox. The Sox would go on to win it all that year.

If you are mad because they actually made it to the playoffs, then be mad. However, do not accuse them of buying their championships. For all the money they have thrown around, keep in mind their last trophy was back in 2000. How can you forget?

The Wilpons have spent money since Omar Minaya became the GM. There is no penny pinching going on here. The Wilpons have made it clear they intend to continue spending money on this team. It is just about what they get in return for spending that money.

You have to be a wise investor. At the same time, remember, signing players is a crapshoot. You cannot assume you are going to get a great player just because they were great with another team. Not everybody can handle the pressure of New York.

The Mets have not gotten much in return for the money they have spent, with the exception of the 2006 team.

I still think Carlos Beltran was a wise investment. With the exception of this year, the Luis Castillo signing was a complete bust.

Signing Johan Santana was brilliant, but signing Oliver Perez, not so much.

Bringing Pedro Martinez aboard did nothing more but reestablish the presence of the New York Mets in New York City and major league baseball. So I’ll say that signing was worth it. Without it, the Mets never would have gotten Beltran or Carlos Delgado. It was a good move, just not rewarding in terms of a championship like we had hoped.

Do you remember Roberto Alomar? He was supposed to be brilliant for the Mets. Everyone was excited. He was a the biggest dud signed next to Art Howe.

This is what the Mets have to deal with, being able to sign players who will make it in New York. It is not an easy thing. If you want easy, please go root for the Yankees.

If you want to argue and trash talk the Yankees, go ahead. Just do me and every other Mets fan a favor: BE SMART ABOUT IT!

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Tanya! You are signing sweet music! I loved every word! You are right, spending money is ok. We need to spend it wisely! If the Mets would have won the World Series in 06, no met fan would have said, they bought their championship. What about in 2002, when the Mets had Burnitz, Cedeno, and Alomar? Huh? The mets spent over 60 million dollars on just those players.

Robert, I am sorry to say but if you are reliving that series, then maybe you should be a Red Sox fan. The mets finished in 3rd place in 2004, that was not a sweet year.


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