Q & A: Who do you root for in Yanks-Phils WS?

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CFoD readers, Joey and Erica, asked me to address this topic. Joey was hopping mad when he heard Mets fans were rooting for the Phillies and begged me to talk about this.

Who do you root for in Yankees-Phillies World Series? Both are enemies of the average New York Mets fan.

Joey has clearly made it known he is rooting for the Yankees. Erica is undecided. Hence why she asked me to address it.

Here is where I stand on the whole topic.

To be perfectly honest, I could care less who wins the World Series if this is the situation. The only reason I have to care, is I have an investment in it just because I do not want to do my term paper.

If my professor had never said we would not have to do our term paper if the Yankees win it all, I would not even bother watching the World Series this year. There are a number of Mets fans that are going this way. Right now, they only care about football.

Now, for the Mets fans who are rooting for the Phillies, I have to say I am rather disgusted with this. Here’s why.

Rooting for them is like Yankee fans rooting for the Boston Red Sox if it were a Mets-Sox World Series. It is not going to happen. Yankee fans will be rooting hard for the Mets just like they were in 2006.

You do not root for your rivals.

The Yankees will always be the dominant team, not just in New York but throughout baseball and all professional sports, because of their history. Just accept it. They have all of those championships. Yankee fans are going to keep yapping until their dentures pop out of their mouths.

Phillies fans, on the other hand, have only two championships to chirp about. They fail to realize how long it took them to get their.

In an interview Lisa Swan from the Subway Squawkers did with me for her article on The Faster Times site, I mentioned to her how I felt:

At least the Yankees earned the right to talk. Phillies haven’t.

The Phillies were always the last team anybody thought about in Philly. The Eagles were always the #1 team followed by the Flyers and the Sixers. Even their arena soccer team got more respect.

Now all of a sudden the Phils are the big dogs? Give me a break. I want to see a Phillies smackdown.

There is no reason for Phillies fans to talk smack. It took them over 90 years since their inception to get their first championship in 1980 and it took them 28 years to get their second. So quite frankly, they need to shut up.

The Yankees have earned their right to talk. They have the great history.

Do not get me wrong. I hate Yankee fans as much as the next person just because all they talk about is their rings and half of them know nothing about their team before 1996.

Go ahead and ask them who their shortstop was before Derek Jeter and they’ll say:

Uh…26 World Championships. 26 World Championships.

Yeah Stupid! That’s all you can say.

So Erica, only because I’m lazy and do not want to write my term paper, am I rooting for the Yankees. Otherwise, I would not even bother watching this World Series. Hope this helps.

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here’s my thought process. hatred for the Phillies will come and go (just like it did with the Braves of 10 years ago). hated for the Yankees is forever. If the series has to end and a winner must be declared, I’ll root that it isn’t the Yankees. I may only find out what the case is in the morning paper one day 2 weeks from now with the Election Day results.


I cannot believe that Met fans actually would root for the Phillies over the Yankees. These must not be New Yorkers. The mets play the Yankees 6 times per season. The have only played 5 post season games against the Yankees. The Yankees don’t talk about how the Mets are choke artist. The Yankees don’t talk about Met fans, and how they are a bunch of you know whats. And let’s face it. Met fans hate yankee fans, not the yankees. I never hear any Yankee talk bad about the met fans. Now, do I have to remind you guys what Hamels said? Or Rollins? Or Utley? What about Rocker? Chipper? Pentleton? How can any Met fan root for these guys/teams when they insulted us??????? Met fans make me so angry because they worry about Yankee fans instead of what is really important and that is beating the teams in our division. But, go ahead and root for the Phillies. But don’t get mad when Chase Utley talks about how the mets are non competitive or how they are choke artist or how they never won anything!

Phil Groh

Sorry Tanya. I’m a National Leaguer all the way. Baseball is 9 to a side each with a turn at bat. 10 to a side is softball and for sissies like Roger Clemens. The Philthies have won the baseball championship fair and square and no go on to play the sissy softball champions. Don’t get me wrong, I have cheered for the some softballers like the Red Sox and Angels in World Series past only because it was either their first or has been a long while since they were there. But the Shankees are the Shankees are the Shankees, and nothing irks me more that a bunch of sissies with heir heads up their you know what and their constant sense of entitlement. A very hot place will have to freeze over several times over before I ever lower myself to their level and cheer for them.

efrain rivera

first of all,this was great!! this is the worst nightmare ever! no matter who you root for a met fan can not come out a winner! i went back and forth on this,the only positive that i can take from the phillies winning,is that i as a met fan would love to dethrone the champs!! but i only dislike the yankee fans! not all,but most! when a fan base acts like there are the only team that matters,its frustrating! they make stupid comments on a regular basis! they live in a yes,yankee bubble! one comment that i must say was a fan telling me that”the mets have never beaten the yankees in a season series” FREAKING AMAZING!!! after i broke it down to the person,he mentioned the 26 world series!! but morons that number looks worst then it really is!! they say 26 to 2!! how many is it since the mets came into the league? big difference then!!! anyway i do not dislike the players,except for a fraud,and joba!! i hate the ohilly fans,the players,the mascot,cheese steaks, the stupid bell that goes off when they win!! i hate the players wives lol lol! but for real it will be halfhearted,but i will rather the yankees wins!! at least the players have respect,not like hammels,victorino and teh rest of those d bags!!!! it will not be a fun world series!! hope the level of olay is great!!!!


I”m back and forth on this big problem of the world. lol…. At first I wanted the Yankees, now I might want philly… Being around Yankee fans at work is so annoying….But being at a Mets vs phils game and seeing WS 2008 and 2009 shirts are annoying also… lol…….The phills have just been good, and a caller on WFAN made a good point in 1999, they rooted for the Braves, and so did I… I might not root for anyone I guess…. such problems of the world.. lol


All i’ll say is Nilvio gets it plain and simple. No disrespect but if any Mets fan roots for the Phillies, you really have no clue. LETS GO YANKEES !! beat dem dirtbags from Philly.


If the yankees make it to the WS hate to say it, but Lets Go Yankees!!! …. Asks Yourself one Question Mets Fans…. If the Mets and Red Sox went to the WS….. What team would a yankee fan root for…. Yes the mets!!!! Whos are biggest rival? The phillies….


Personally, I have no problems with the Mets. Yeah, my team is the Yankees, but I respect the Mets since their from New York. Any team from New York I respect ’cause they represent New York. I feel that Mets fan should cheer the Yankees ’cause as stated above, we would cheer for the mets over the red soxs. I hate the Phillies soo much. I understand your hatered for them(Mets Fan). I live in the Philadelphia area and they’re soo annoying. I would love the Mets to creme the Phillies everytime they’re against each other. I’m tired of the Philly people talking shit about New York. And also, every team is going to have it’s cocky fans. Yes,Yankees have them, Phillies really have them, and I’ve met some really cocky mets fan. There are good fans and bad fans. Don’t judge a team by it’s fans. F**K the Phillies player for talking shit about the Mets and their fans. Who do they think they are???

Tanya Mercado

Edwin, it is because of fans like you that I am not at all pissed the Yankees made it to the World Series. lol Mets fans wish more Yankee fans were like you. Philly needs to be humbled a little bit. The Yankees are the perfect team to do it.


I live in Philadelphia and the Phillies deserve this. We worked hard for our World Series. New York has a lot of balls to come at our throats that we’re a no nothing city. We don’t come at New York like that. And quite frankly our fans have always been loyal. What it comes down to is no respect. Baseball isnt what it used to be. New York and yes I admit Philly fans show absolutely no respect. They both made it because they worked for it. It gets out of control. THEY ARE BOTH GOOD TEAMS. Stop getting caught up in teams and NYY and PHI “rivalry”. Let anyone root for whoever them damn well please.

Tanya Mercado

Jess are you kidding me? Who the hell said anything about a Yankees-Phillies rivalry? There is no rivalry between those two teams. Oh brother! And your fans really do come to New York like that and worse. So I don’t want to hear it. New York has the balls AND THE CHAMPIONSHIPS! So New York can say whatever they want. End of story!


Haha you just proved your point. No respect. They BOTH did well. I didn’t think all this was a hard concept.


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