Phillies, Yankees: Love Those That Curse You

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This is what Mets fans who are rooting for the Philadelphia Phillies are basically saying right now.

“Love those who persecute you.” “Turn the other cheek.”

Seriously? Not happening over here in the Bronx. This New York Mets fan is rooting hard for the Yankees if they go to the World Series.

CFoD reader Nilvio left a fantastic comment on the last blog I wrote. He pointed out who the real enemy of the Mets fans are.

I had to highlight it because I’m not sure how many of you read the comments. Here’s what he said:

The Yankees don’t talk about how the Mets are choke artist. The Yankees don’t talk about Met fans, and how they are a bunch of you know whats.

And let’s face it. Met fans hate yankee fans, not the yankees. I never hear any Yankee talk bad about the met fans.

Now, do I have to remind you guys what Hamels said? Or Rollins? Or Utley? What about Rocker? Chipper? Pentleton? How can any Met fan root for these guys/teams when they insulted us???????

Met fans make me so angry because they worry about Yankee fans instead of what is really important and that is beating the teams in our division.

This is my  point. Mets fans are making it out to be that the Yankees are our enemies. They are not! I mean let’s be honest here. When was the last time you heard a Yankee speak ill of a Mets fan? As far as I can remember, never.

The Phillies on the other hand, are a whole other story. Do you not remember what Chase Utley said to New York during the All-Star game last year at Yankee Stadium when everyone booed him?

So not only does he hate Mets fans, he hates New York. Sounds like John Rocker was his idol.

More proof the Phillies and their fans are not worth it? Here ya go!

Cole Hamels calls the Mets choke artists.

Utley, during their championship parade last year, says “F*** New York”. Talk about your inferiority complex. If the Mets were to win the World Series, you really think the fans give a rats ass about the Philly? Hell no!

They should get together with Boston and have a I Hate New York Anonymous meeting. Here’s what it would sound like:

“Hi. I’m Billy Bob. I’m from Philly. And I hate New York.”

“Hi Billy Bob.”

“I hate New York because they have all those championships among their teams.”


Anyway, you will never catch a Yankee cursing at New York. One because every New Yorker would kick their butt right out of New York.

You will never hear a Derek Jeter or a Mariano Rivera or a Jorge Posada talk bad about the Mets or their fans.

During the 2000 World Series, they acknowledged that the Mets played hard and the series could have gone either way because thanks to Armando Benitez, who I tried to have deported right after the series, blew in Games 1 and 2.

The Yankees give credit to Mets fans because we do stick with our team. We root for them no matter what.

So who are your real enemies? Who are your real rivals?

Mets fans, do you hate the Yankees or the Yankee fans? They are two different entities.

So you really need to ask yourself a question.

Who do you really want to root for?

The team who hates you more than anything else in this world where they will curse you and embarrass you in the media or the team who comes from your city, gives you and your team credit, and loves New York as much as you do?

But remember this. Like Nilvio said, if you choose to root for the Phillies:

Don’t get mad when Chase Utley talks about how the Mets are non competitive or how they are choke artist or how they never won anything!

My message to the Yankees if they make it to the World Series?

Here is your target:

target_hamels1AIM! ANNIHILATE!

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I’ll never understand how any Mets fan would root for the Phillies to beat the Yankees. Why ? Because most Yankees fans are mean and nasty ? So what it’s all in good fun. I get jabbed at all the time by Yankees fans at my job. I also talk some good Baseball with those same Yankees fans at my job. At work today i asked every Yankees fan i know if the Mets and Red Sox were in the World Series who would they root for ? Guess what they all said the Mets. Gee i wonder why ? Because the Yankees fan gets it that’s why ! The Red Sox are the main rival of the Yankees. Well guess what Mets fans ? The Phillies are OUR rivals !!!! Can you Mets fans who are rooting for the Phillies PLEASE READ THIS BLOG OVER AND OVER TILL YOU FINALLY GET IT ! Tanya gets it so do i as well as Nilvio. Please STOP with the Inferiorty Complex because to me that’s what this is. Every time i hear Yankees Suck while i’m at Citi Field it just makes me sick. You’ll never hear Mets Suck at Yankee Stadium. Most Mets fans are like Islanders fans who will chant “Rangers Suck” even if their team is NOT playing the Rangers ?!? It’s sad and it needs to stop. PLEASE !!! ENOUGH !!!


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