Steve Phillips Gone

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It seems like Steve Phillips just cannot keep a job. For that matter, it seems he is unable to keep his pants zippered up either.

ESPN has decided it was best to tell the former New York Mets GM and baseball analyst for their network to hit the showers after it was announced he had an affair with one of their production assistants, Brooke Hundley.

It seems taking a leave of absence was not good enough for the network.

Where have we heard this story before? Oh that’s right. Phillips did the very same thing while he was with the Mets organization back in 1998.

I feel sorry for his wife, Marni Phillips.  Needless to say, she’s had enough and is filing for divorce. Good for her! We wish her well.

As for Steve and little Stevey, they have both entered a treatment program “to address his personal issues”. Part of that treatment should be watching endless repeats of “Fatal Attraction” because that is exactly what this turned out to be.

Hundley, being the psychotic nutcase, contacted Phillips’ youngest son through Facebook talking about how his parents were going to get a divorce, this according to the New York Post last week.

She even left messages for Marni saying:

We both can’t have him.

If I were Marni, I would have said, “You can have him”.

So will the MLB Network bring him aboard? Why not? They have Harold Reynolds and he did the same thing.

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You think Bobby V told ESPN about the affair, you know he is still pretty pissed about what happened in NY> Just saying….


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