A Boycott By Mets Fans

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So this is something I started thinking about.

Yes this World Series is every Mets fans worst nightmare come to life. That has firmly been established. Many are watching it and are very much divided as to who they should root for.

There are those, however, that are choosing not to watch it at all. When I was asked if I would be watching it, I have stated I would not if it were not for my media class and school paper.

So I am really interested to know how many are choosing not to watch the series at all and how many actually care who wins.

Would Mets fans really consider boycotting the World Series?

You have to think about it this way. If you are a baseball fan, chances are you are going to watch the series. Baseball is baseball to you. If you’re like me, you watch the World Series whether the Mets are in it or not. Even if the Yankees are in it you watch it, whether you root for them or not.

New York is not the only hated baseball town. Philly does not get much love either from baseball fans outside of that stupid Philly Phanatic. For some reason, unbeknowest to me, people actually like that green monter (no offense to the Green Monster in Boston).

This is not just about the ultimate nightmare for Mets fans, this is about revenge for all of New York. This is about coming to our town and showing some respect. When have the Phillies ever done that? Never! Chase Utlely (I have another name for him, but I cherish my “G” rating) comes to our town and curses not just Mets fans out, but all of New York at Yankee Stadium last year.

Yes, there are a lot of Mets fans who choose not to watch this World Series. They are forming their own little boycott of the series. This series is too much to watch.

I hate both teams. I’ll be honest. Forget the Canons of Journalism that state I have to be impartial. This is my site. I hate both teams. I also hate horror films. I would take watching a horror film over watching this series. Trust me, that is saying a lot.

For those who are saying they will boycott, you know you are not really going to do it. You’ll be watching the games like the rest of us or at the very least you will take a peak. At some point, you will find yourself watching the series. Anybody who is saying they have no interest is lying.

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The Coop

I am surprised that this whole “World Series” thing is getting so much play in the Mets forums. The more people talk about it and the more they claim they “don’t care” leads me to think they might care a little “too” much. I didn’t answer your poll b/c I wouldn’t say that I am boycotting it per se, but I am not going to watch it and seriously NOT care. It’s hockey season for me and yay! I will be able to enjoy football this weekend!

Tanya Mercado

I’m not as surprised to see it get this much attention only because both teams are rivals of the Mets. It is all about who is the bigger rival. Most Mets fans are trying to figure out right now which is the lesser of the two evils. I don’t watch that much hockey. Only during the playoffs. I’m more into football.

christophe le coquen

yeah well, as a Mets fan I don t like the Yankees…although there is no rule stating that u have to hate the Yankee when your are a Mets fan…but god! I hate those Phillies and their stupid green formless whatever it is…so i will root for the Yankees and I will watch the series! 😉


I’m rooting hard for the Yankees ! I’d rather have acid poured into my eyes then root for those clowns from Phildelphia.

Martin Colman

Is that name for Chase Utley “Chase C*ntly”? Just askin and im rootin for the yankees because I have two friends who are die har yankee fans and NY is NY


is it wrong to hope for career ending injuries to befall major players on both teams . probably so instead of that how about this…Which team has/has had the least amount of steroid users ? that could help me decide on which loyalty to betray


Baseball season ended for me when the Mets season ended…

I hate both teams, I refuse to watch the WS, if I had my way both teams would lose. However, I could NEVER root for the Phillies, NEVER! Therefore, as much as it pains me to say this, I am rooting for the Yankees. But I don’t want either team to win. 🙂


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