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By / October 30, 2009 / 2009 Offseason

Yesterday was my birthday and, as much as I love what I do here, I was not trying to blog. Thanks to CFoD reader Efrain Rivera for the heads up on this.

So John Heyman seems to think the Mets are willing to match what the Red Sox are offering Jason Bay, and possibly even offer more.

If you have not heard, the Sox want Bay to sign a four-year, around $45 million.

Personally, I’m not willing to give Bay that much. I would rather get Carl Crawford from the Tampa Bay Rays. Word is they might not be picking up his option.

I rather give the money to a younger player who is about to hit his prime. I’m tired of getting players in their prime and having to wonder how long they will last.

I like Crawford because he is fast, he is younger, he has less strikeouts and he can hit. Here is a comparison in stats:


BB    SO    BA    OBP   SLG

51 99 .305 .364 .452



22 51 .293 .370 .527

The only thing Bay has to me is slugging numbers. He hit 36 home runs compared to Crawford’s measly 16. I rather get a first baseman slugger.

Crawford also stole 60 bases during the 2009 season. I want speed. I’ve mentioned this before because who knows how Jose Reyes will be next year.

So you tell me who you would rather have?

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efrain rivera

we need a bat,but that bat should come at first(fielder rumored to be on the market0 lets not get ahead of ourselves,but can you imagine a line up of reyes,crawford,beltran, fielder,wright,francouer


This is easy. Crawford is the better choice. Why ? Citi Field that’s why ! With the gaps in the Citi and Crawford’s speed i could see him hitting at worse 15 triples. His glove in the outfield is far better than Bay’s and we all know that Crawford with his speed and glove will get it done. I also think in the next few years Crawford’s power numbers will go up as he should hit his peak in the next few years. Get Crawford this is a no brainer.


I would perfer Crawford over Bay. But, I would want Holliday over Crawford. A caller on the FAN had a great idea. If they mets get Holliday, they can pick up Figgins who is a free-agent. Have him play 3 base and move Wright to first. Now you get power in left and 1st. And have a solid defender at 1st and 3rd. Figgins can hit two, switch hit, walks a ton, and is a good situational player. Line-up would be this:
Reyes – SS
Figgins – 3B
Wright – 1B
Holliday – LF
Beltran – CF
Francour – RF
Santos – C
Castillo – 2B

Then, they mets can use some money to get Lackey.


Now that’s a nice plan Nilvio. I’d have no problem if Omar makes this plan happen.

Michael Emdeyar

Dream on. Rays are definitely picking up CC’s option. No doubt about it. It’s not even an expensive option. They’ll be active in listening to trade options for him, but just letting him walk would be the worst baseball move since the Mets traded Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano.


Joey can they let us run the team for two weeks? hahaha.

Hey, you hear anything about Gabrick’s injury? I think I spelled his name wrong.


You are all delusional! Nilvio, you think the Mets can just dole out $100M contracts to Holliday AND Lackey and STILL sign Figgins?? And Efrain Rivera, let’s just get everybody. Fielder, Crawford, who cares that they play for OTHER TEAMS who would likely WANT PLAYERS BACK IN RETURN. Why not get Albert Pujols and Joe Mauer while we’re at it? Be a little reasonable, people. One of the bigger players will be a Met and that’s all, so pick your player. Holliday, Bay, Lackey are the three big fish free agents, and Crawford and Fielder are trade candidates (who the Mets might not have enough talent to trade for, since teams like Boston and Texas with far superior farm systems might also be interested). But enough of this “Crawford, Fielder, Lackey, and Figgins” garbage.


according to Jon Heyman via mlbtraderumors, Boston offer to Bay is 4 yrs/$60 million. Still Mets could beat that. But Crawford if available is better fit.


Also I’m curious where you heard this “word” that the Rays are not picking up Crawford’s option. Hes easily worth more than what his option is ($10M) and the Rays would be very foolish not to pick it up.

And if they just don’t want him because of an emerging OF prospect, they could easily pick up his option and trade him.

Joey. T

From what i know John Heyman has reported the the Rays might not pick up Crawford’s option. I heard this on 1050 ESPN Radio’s Michael Kay and i also got a tweet saying this.


Joe, I understand you are frustrated, but why is it that the mets can’t do what I suggested? The mets are not the Pirates. They have spent money before and will probably do it again. Please keep in mind that with no Wagner and Delgado, the Mets will be saving some money. Also, keep in mind that the Mets have been in the top 3 in payroll the last 5 years. They could sign Holliday for 18-22 Million per year, they coule sign Lackey for 16 million per, and Figgins for 8-10 million per. That is a lot of money, but very reasonable. The owners has also gone on record to say that they will open up the wallet. I tend to believe them. Because when was the last time they were cheap with their money in recent memory? They sign Beltran, Wright, K-rod, Santana all for big money. they also gave big money to Wagner, Perez, Delgado after the trade. They even gave big money to Burnitz and Cedeno, Piazza and lieter. So, don’t say that the mets won’t pay people.

The mets do have some nice young players in their system, it is just that they are young! Very young. So, team would be taking a risk. But, come on really, The mets traded for the best young left-handed pitcher in baseball in his prime and gave up who exactly? So, don’t tell me a trade cannot be done.


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