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Michael from Rise of the Rays, is claiming I said the Tampa Bay Rays are not picking up Carl Crawford’s option.

I have not said that. So to be clear, I said that I heard they MIGHT NOT pick up the option, not that they were not going to.

Florida is known to be a cheap state when it comes to their teams. So $10 million is a bit much for any of the Florida baseball teams.

You need a fan base who is willing to spend money in order for the team to spend money on their players. The Florida baseball teams do not have that.

I did not know this, but thanks to Joey and Freddy for letting me know, Michael Kay also mentioned the Rays might not pick up Crawford’s option on his show on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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I’ll just try to clarify one more time. Word here is that the Rays are “all but certain” to pick up the option. That from St. Petersburg Times Rays beat writer Marc Topkin.

In Heyman’s comments on October 26 concerning the Mets, he also said that Crawford “could be available in trade”. That also implies that the option will be picked up.

Whether the Rays are cheap or not, the Rays pick up that option all day, every day. If they are concerned about the $10 million, they could probably trade him within minutes of picking up that option if they wanted. Teams, like the Mets, will line up to make offers for his services.


Hey Michael what you heard may be true, but it must of been after what i heard on the Michael Kay show and Heyman was a guest. So it does look like the Rays were not going to pick up Crawfords option at first. Then the Rays changed their mind and that’s the info you have.


Mike everyone in baseball this year said that the Rays were not going to pick up his option. Which is why he was on the trade block during the year. Two things changed, one was that Crawford had a great year, now more teams want him. Two, the Rays feel that they can compete again in the AL east because of what they got for Kazmir. The rays would be silly not to be up his option. But, we are taking about a Major League baseball franchise. They do silly things all the time!


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