Another Yankee Dynasty

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I will say this: NO WAY!

Yes the Yankees have won. Congratulations to them. I mean it! Great job! You did all Mets fans proud and a favor slapping those Philadelphia Phillies around.

Yet, I know a couple of Yankee fans who feel this is the beginning of a new dynasty. To those fans I say this:


Let’s think about this for a minute. Hideki Matsui was the big man on campus during this World Series. In 13 ABs, he was hitting at .615, 3 HR and 8 RBIs.

It may not seem like much, but he pretty much won Game 5 on his own just like Chase Utley won Game 1 by himself.

Now Matsui is a free agent. The Yankees have shown no indication of bringing him back. Yes, he is 35, but he is one bad ass DH. He is only a DH at this point.

While some Yankee fans would love him to come back, he was not much use during the ALDS and ALCS. I would take him over Johnny Damon.

Which brings me to the next guy. Damon is a free agent as well. His arm…well…what arm? Damon still has some pop in his bat, but he is just another DH.

Jorge Posada needs to go. He is getting too old to be a catcher. I was not impressed at all with him during the postseason.

Andy Petitte, great job in Game 5, is after all 37 years old. Hang it up. You had a great career. End it on a high note. With the mess of a bullpen the Yankees have, next year is not guaranteed.

The Yankees are getting old. Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter can only last so long. When they’re gone, what then?

GM Brian Cashman is going to have to work hard at getting some bullpen help and a left fielder. Starting pitching would help too. They cannot keep going with the an inconsistent AJ Burnett.

So again I say “no” to the dynasty scenario. Sorry Yankee fans!

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The yanks should keep Damon. always liked how he played the game and plus Matsui is an old 35 with bad knees. The yanks have to keep the DH spot for Posada who is still a good offensive player and for Damon as well. Wouldn’t suprised if the yanks go after Matt Holiday in the offseason


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