Nightmare Continues For Mets Fans

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If you thought it was over, you thought wrong.

Yes, the baseball season from hell is finally over.

Yes, the horrific World Series is over.

Yes, Jimmy Rollins was hushed up. Wait! That was a good thing.

What is not over, is all the Yankee celebrations we have to deal with. While most Mets fans I know rooted for the Yankees, we were dreading this part. The parade, the parties, sports radio, newspapers. Everything!

Despite the Phillies lost, we will still have to hear “NL Champions”. To them I say:

Listen, it means nothing unless you have that ring. So shut your mouths! You are on the same level as the Mets still.

The Phillies will still be doing their talking. Come Spring Training next year, it is inevitable that one of those “things” will open their filthy mouths and say something stupid again.

Hey Rollins! Didn’t you say Phillies in 5?

Nevertheless, our nightmare continues. The Yanks are World Champions and the Phillies are NL Champions. Great!

Yankee fans will get in our faces. Phillies fans, whatever! To me they cannot talk trash.

To the Yankees and their TRUE fans I say: Congratulations on winning your 27th World Championship.

Now that it is all over, all Mets fans can go back to hating the Yankees.

To anyone who thinks they bought their championship, please keep it to yourself. They earned it.

I still think someone should have checked Alex Rodriguez’s urine throughout the postseason. When did he become Mr. October?

So get ready for more hell, Mets fans. You are going to get it. No matter what, Mets fans really did not get anything out of this. We still lost.

So raise your glasses, Mets fans. Here’s to 2010! May it bring us some prosperity for once. May our nightmares end and dreams begin.

Thank God for the offseason.

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imagine the nightmare if you are both a mets AND a redsox fan bonded by not one but again now two common Hatreds(like when the braves played the yankees)
here in ny the world has stopped as that @#$@#$ parade was on not one not two but 3 different channels ???? ARHGH sigh


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