Castillo Stamped His Ticket Out

By / November 9, 2009 / 2009 Offseason, Hot Stove

According to Ken Rosenthal, the New York Mets are in negotiations with the Toronto Blue Jays for a trade.

No, it is not for Roy Halladay. Stop dreaming! It will be a three way trade which includes the Chicago Cubs.

Here is the way it will go.

Luis Castillo will go to the Cubs. Milton Bradley will go from the Cubs to the Jays. Who do the Mets get? Lyle Overbay.

Now I do not believe in stats. You all know this by now. If not, now you do. But for the stat geeks out there, here ya go.

He is primarily a first baseman. At the ripe old age of 32, he is no spring chicken, but he is an alright fielder with a .998 fielding percentage. Blah blah blah!

Batting stats go like this: .265 BA, .372 OBP, and .466 SLG. Not overly impressive. This is an average player at best.

Now, with Castillo gone, this opens up the door wide open for my main man, Orlando Hudson to come aboard.

We all know that, like me, Omar Minaya has a crush on this guy. He has been itching to bring him on. But with Castillo on the payroll, it just was not possible. Well Castillo stamped his ticket out when he had such a great season. Teams have begun to inquire about him.

Well now it is papa!

So if the deal happens, Overbay, who was reported to be on his way to Arizona earlier today, will play first base with Daniel Murphy and we will get Hudson.

Did I mention there would be no Carlos Delgado now?

And let the world say “YAY”! Life will be good.

Ah! I love the Hot Stove. It is baseball’s gossip.


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I love this deal ! O-Dog finally comes to the Mets and it clears money off the books for the Mets to sign Holliday and a # 2 Starter. I really hope this happens.


Hey… I think you do a great job here. Found this blog a couple of months ago from your sister, but I’ve never commented… I just had to call you out on this one — you say, “I do not believe in stats,” but then you use the same stats which you don’t believe in (for the stat geeks, yes… but still) to demonstrate that Overbay is average, or slightly above average at best (which he is, by all metrics, including the more advanced fielding metrics).

How else would you demonstrate that WITHOUT stats?

But the trade looks promising — Overbay as the first baseman for a year or two, Hudson for a year or two (how much would you give him? I think two years max…) would be nice. My only issue with it is that it renders Murphy unusable — we’ve seen, throughout Murphy’s minor league and major league career that he’s not a very good hitter of left-handed pitchers. Same, though, goes for Overbay. Both are very good hitting right-handers, but there’s no reason for a platoon since neither can hit lefties well.

Who solves that problem? Xavier Nady, anyone? Would he be willing to take a platoon role with Overbay at 1B, potentially playing some RF as well, after he fully heals?

Tanya Mercado

First off, thanks. I appreciate that.

As for stats, I put them in for that stats geeks. I do. I really don’t put that much credence in them. Others do. So I argue using stats for their benefit so they can see my arguement better than just me talking about it. Some of my readers have felt that I don’t make enough arguments using stats. So that’s why I have made more of an effort to do so.

For awhile I wanted Nady back. Now I’m not so sure anymore. Nady is slightly versatile in that he can play OF and 1B. But Nady is with the Yankees. I’m not sold on Overbay. There are still others out there I would prefer the Mets bring in rather than him. But it is not a bad deal only because it would free up second base. Castillo did great this year, but I would prefer Hudson. I’ve always loved Hudson. I think he would be a great asset to the team.

efrain rivera

i dont see this as a big deal! orlando hudson was benched by torre!! nobody can be that excited about this,unless this will free things up for a bigger move! i think it will! this has to be the start of other things! and tanya lyle is lefty no? so that means murphy will be traded in another deal! 2 lefty first basemen is not happening


If Delgado isn’t resigned, the Mets need to replace him with someone who has the power to clear the 10-16 ft walls at citi field and still put up over 30 homeruns. Citi field redefines POWER hitter. Wright and Beltran are line drive hitters and barely cleared the walls at Shea. Wright’s hr numbers were down this year because he couldn’t clear the walls and he had to learn a new style of hitting. I’m sure next season Belran’s numbers will be down too.
The Mets either have to resign Delagdo or get a power hitter who can hit long bombs,. If they don’t resign Delgado just signing another long bomb power hitter would be a lateral move unless they lower the fences so Wright and Beltrans numbers can go back up.
I would prefer to see Carlos hit #500 as a Met. he also saves David and Jose from making alot of throwing errors.

The Mets NEED to go after Halliday and Hollidayand resign Delagodo and lower the fences!!!!!!!


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