Ranting and Raving: Racist or Inept?

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WARNING: If you are sensitive to the topic of race, I suggest you move on. This blog is not for you. I am not making accusations at all Mets fans. This for a select few. I have no issues with whites, blacks, hispanics or any other race. I am making a relevant point here. Rude and racist comments will not be tolerated. If you have something to say, that is what email is for. I will not tolerate you offending my readers.

Ever since I started to blog, I’ve come across some interesting Mets fans like those that are so obsessed with their team they rely on gimmicks to get noticed by other fans or the front office. There are those who are the casual fans and just watch their team when they are doing well.

Then there are the racist jerks who one almost swear have confederate flags hanging in their bedrooms. Yes, my friends, racism is still, unfortunately, alive and well here in the United States.

Outrageous you say? Well DUH!

What is more outrageous than blaming a GM for a poor job based on his race?

What is more stupid and ludicrous than blaming laziness and mistakes on the basepaths, field, or anything else on a specific race?

I’ll tell you what is more stupid. The people who makes these insinuations. Never in my entire life have I been more embarressed to say I am a Mets fan.

You’re probably right if you’re thinking it is in every fan base. However, it does not make it right. In a game as wonderful and American as baseball, there is no room for this nonsense.

I remember talking to a Mets fan on Facebook, it seems that is where I talk to most of my readers, and he had the audacity to say Omar Minaya is stupid and there should be a white man in the front office. He told me that there is no room for latinos.

Now, at the risk of losing a loyal reader, I told him to drop dead and never set eyes on my site again. If he has a problem with latinos, he has a problem with me. I am a proud latina working my ass off to get where I want to be in the sports media industry. So is there no room for me?

Since Minaya took the job of General Manager of the New York Mets, he has been accused of making the Mets a hispanic team. They became known as “Los Mets”.

My question to you is: So freakin’ what?

You wanted these latinos on your team. When Carlos Beltran was a free agent, everyone was screaming for him to be signed. You got him. You also got Pedro Martinez. You wanted him too. Or do you not remember how excited you were when he signed on the dotted line? You were among the first ones to get a Martinez jersey.

You begged for Minaya to get the job done in acquiring Johan Santana. Um, guess what? He’s a hispanic. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Your ace is a latino. Oh the horror of it all! What did you get? A hard-ass pitcher who will fight tooth and nail to win a game.

Let’s see. What else did the inept latino GM get? Oh yes! I remember.

I remember a particular closer who was on the free agent market last year. Every fan knew the Mets needed a closer because of Billy Wagner going down for surgery. All fans wanted this closer because he was dominating. He even had a nickname: K-Rod. I wonder what happened to him.

Oh that’s right! He is on the Mets now. You wanted him. You got him.

I know I am missing some other points here. Oh right! Who is best closer of all time in baseball? Mariano Rivera. Do you know where he is from? Panama.

One of the most beloved and respected players in all of baseball was who? Roberto Clemente. Great player and a great humanitarian. You could learn a few things from him. Oh my gosh! I know. The absolute horror of having to learn something from a hispanic. Oh dear me!

I spoke to one Mets fan, Eric, on my college campus about how he felt about Minaya and all of the latinos on the team. Unfortunately, I left my notes at home and do not have the interview with me. I’ll post his responses later tonight. However, his whole issue was not the fact that Minaya was hispanic or that there were a number of hispanics on the team. It was how Minaya handled the team. It was poor.

I askd Eric what if the whole team were hispanic. Eric’s response:

They know their baseball.

He does not care if it is all black, hispanic, white, or asian. Just as long as a championship is brought to Flushing. That is all that matters to him.

That is all that should matter to you.

Do not blame incompetence on race. Last time I checked, former President Bush was white and he screwed this country up royally.

Minaya did what all of you wanted. He got the players that you wanted. He is not inept. Minaya knows what he is doing. The players did not give us what we thought they would. You cannot blame a player’s performance on the General Manager. Minaya’s job is to sign the players. The coaches are to work with the players to get them to perform at peak efficiency.

You can make the argument that he is inept when it comes to the media. I’ll give you that. At that he is awful. He should have a spokesperson. But it has nothing to do with his race.

Take a long look at yourself in the mirror. Guess what? You have two strikes against you. You are racist and inept. Care to go for strike three?

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The Coop

Wow-o-wow-o-wow. I’m a white woman who is a baseball fan who curses like a truck driver on my blog so I get a lot of criticism as well. I was the biggest Omar Minaya apologist for the reasons you state above — when we needed the best players on the market, when we needed these players, he went above and beyond. My favorite complaint about him is that all he knows how to do is spend the Wilpons money. Which is true to a degree, but he also has to WORK at getting the best players interested in the team, something you cannot put a price on.

You can dislike him (like your friend above) for how he’s let his cronies mismanage the team from the ground level on up, for how’s let development of players flounder — that has nothing to do with his ancestry. Stupidity transcends race, people. I also like how they conveniently forget that he got Billy Wagner, a white dude, to be our closer when he was the best option on the market – that he courted Barry Zito heavily – and he traded for Ryan Church (who later became Francoeur) and Brian Schneider. Last I checked, their last names weren’t Iglesia or, um, Schneider (I don’t know a Spanish translation for that LOL).

Real quick thing though – Mo Rivera is actually Panamanian. 🙂


great article…i had an argument with a Mets fan about this topic… I just care about getting good players on the Mets regardless of their race… It’s funny no one had a problem with Omar in 2006….why’s that? because they won (well almost, ugh lol)… just win games and all this BS excuses fans make up is gone.


Tanya you hit a Grand Slam on this one. And you know what i agree with you 1000%. Just this morning on the Boomer and Carlton they had Carlos Beltran in the studio with them as a guest. The interview was a good one but one question bugged me that Carlton asked Beltran. He asked if there’s any divison between the latino players and the non-latino players ? Why ask such a question ? What does this have anything to do with the current state of the Mets ? If Paul LoDuca was still a Met then i understand why this question would be asked. To me it made zero sense. I’d make more points but you covered all the points i’d bring up in this blog Tanya. But i will say that it was Jim Duquette not Omar Minaya who made the infamous Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano trade. It was Rick Peterson who said i’ll fix him (Zambrano) in 15 mins. Last i checked both Duquette and Peterson are both White. They know their baseball but they dropped the ball on this one. I really do not think them being white played a roll in their baseball IQ on this one. Omar has and will continue to do his best to build a championship team as long as the Wilpon’s back him up in every way.


Tanya, I have heard the same things… I remember reading somewhere, a Mets fan, talking about how the Mets were unrecognizable because of all the Latino players Omar had signed, & how he thought the Mets needed more white players or else they would alienate their fanbase. I just thought that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard.
People that say things like that are just plain ignorant.

Tony Russo

The only real point is that each year we hear about why the Mets continue to play like losers. This year it was injuries I wonder what next year’s lame excuse will be?

I get that many of my fellow readers are behind Omar but I have to ask at what point do you say he’s not the guy to get the job done. This doesn’t make him a bad guy just the wrong guy for this place and time.

What looked like a dynasty in the beginning has now turned into a joke. I’m angry and tired of losing. I want to go into September hopeful and confident, not full of dread.

If you’ve got all this talent and spend nearly half a decade finding ways to lose I don’t see how the management doesn’t get the blame from the top down.

Even if Omar is just unlucky rather than inept, I shouldn’t have to suffer heartbreak after heartbreak waiting for his luck to change.

Rob K

As much as Omar had made mistakes, it has nothing to do with race or heritage. The whole “Los Mets” things and such, I guess people want blood after how the last 3 seasons ended. When things go as badly as our organization have gone, people love to point fingers and see some blood. They want answers and will make some up.

And lets not forget who guys like Omar made the face of the organization, yup, David Wright.

Just one note: The Confederate Flag is not a symbol of racism or represents that at all.


It’s the owner who is inept and he is WHITE!!!!! Omar answers to Wilpon and son. Wilpon is destroying the team. There are way to many problems within the organization just to blame one race or the general manager. Wilpon needs to sell the team to someone who actually cares about winning. An example: look at player development, when was the last time the Mets developed a great player out of their system who didn
t have any problems in their playing when they came up??? Doc?? Dwight??? How about trainers and doctors???? Last season we saw the flaws. Is Wilpon fixing the problems??? Of course not!!!!!

Tanya Mercado

All excellent points homerun-less.

Rob you also made a great point when you said Omar made Wright the face of the organization. And you’re right, he is white. So this whole racism thing should not be an issue.

Tony there is a line to be drawn. But is the fact that the players are not getting it done really Omar’s fault. Let me ask you a question: At what point do the players get held accountable? When do you, as a fan, start blaming the players? Minaya is not the reason the players make mistakes on the basepaths. He is not the reason they are not hitting. He is not the reason the coaches and trainers are not doing their jobs. My issue with Minaya is that he should fire people when he sees that they are not getting the job done. He is too tolerable.

Tony Russo

You are right about blaming the players. I blame them first and constantly. But as you point out since they obviously can’t hear all my booing or don’t care about it someone has to put the fear of God into them. Someone has to create a culture where sucking isn’t acceptable.
I had a boss once who was fond of saying “When the fish stinks, it stinks from the head.” This was often in response to my whining about why I couldn’t get my employees to perform (he was right I was a sucky manager).
Each spring we get a magic bullet, the player who is the “final” piece of the puzzle; but without a winning culture all we end up with is a roster full of really talented guys who can’t get the job done. If we don’t lack the talent we must lack the will.

Tanya Mercado

God help me! I love my readers.

Tony you gave me an excellent idea for a new blog. 😉 Thanks. I do think the players need to hold themselves and each other accountable. That is something I would like to see more of. Even a manager can only do so much.


When you lose in New York, everyone is under fire. It is funny, two years ago met fans wouldn’t trade David Wright for Arod. Now, they want to trade him for anything. And Reyes. And Beltran. Fans don’t enjoy losing. Omar is on the hot seat. He has made moves which haven’t worked. There are only a few moves I didn’t agree with. But, when you take risk you have to be able to accept the responsibilities when they don’t work out. Mota, Burgiuos, Murphy, Putz, etc.

It doesn’t bother me as a latino that people don’t like Omar because he is latin or they think he is bringing in too many latin players. Baseball is what I love, and I what I enjoy watching. I want to see good baseball, white, black, latino, doesn’t matter to me. The mets last year did not play good baseball.

I have a question, who was named the teams’ MVP?


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