Backman Goes To Brooklyn

By / November 13, 2009 / 2009 Offseason

Mike Silva of is reporting Wally Backman is heading to Brooklyn to be the manager of the Cyclones.

While Silva believes it “is part of the Mets apparent plan to inject more Met history into the organization despite there being so little in their stadium”, I believe it is an answer to the fans cries of getting Backman in the organization.

Now, when Backman was originally brought on board to manage in the minors, it was rumored (because I don’t want to be accused of saying something that is not true) to have him seasoned so he can move up to the majors at some point.

Mets fans have wanted Backman to manage the Mets for awhile. So this is the first step. Keep in mind, he was hired as manager for the Arizona Diamondbacks back in 2004. Lost the job the same year, but one major league ballclub felt that he could manage at this level. You never know.

Everything is done in steps. Let’s see how he does in Brooklyn.

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