Debate It: Walls Low or High?

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Here is something I really want all of you to debate on. Homerun-less gave me the idea for this blog when he made this comment:

The Mets NEED to go after Halliday and Hollidayand resign Delagodo and lower the fences!!!!!!!

Homerun-less had a lot to say. So click above to read the full comment.

So I’m going to make my argument.

I, as you all know, wholeheartedly disagree with lowering the fences. The Mets have already stated the walls are not going to be lowered. Smart move!

I want you to consider this for a minute:

Lowering the walls is not the solution. The team as a whole hit 49 home runs at Citi Field. They hit 46 on the road.

Looking at those numbers you are going to argue that the problem is the walls? No way! The team his three more homers at home than on the road.

The walls are not the problem. Power is.

Another thing: opposing hitters have hit 81 home runs at Citi Field. 81! If the Mets were to lower the walls, that number would double or even triple. Is this what you want? That’s what your proposal will do.

Lastly is high walls give your pitchers an advantage. While it is a mental advantage, it is an advantage. Let me explain.

High walls allow your pitchers to be more aggressive. The can tell the hitters, “Here’s my best pitch. I dare you to hit over the wall“. That is what you want.

By lowering the walls, you are forcing your pitchers to be more cautious and less aggressive resulting in, quite possibly, more mistakes.

Bottom Line:

Our boys need to get their butts in the gym this offseason. They need to develop some serious strength. Get in the batting cages. Get that swing going.

Call up HoJo and work with him. The players really need to get their swings down by next year. I was willing to let the home run thing go for this season. With a new ballpark, you have to get comfortable. Well you had a year. No excuses next year.

Your turn to debate it. Comment away. If you don’t want to comment, hit the poll.

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it’s not about lowering the walls. it’s about pulling the fences in to dimensions similar to yankee stadium and citizens bank ball park. also, they need to do something about the obstructed views into the bullpens. even if you were watching on tv the broadcasters couldn’t even tell who was warming up in either bullpen. also, the wilpons need to make sure citifield trully represents the mets history and not so much the dodgers. there needs to be more relics of mets history around the ballpark. the bottom line is the fences need to be pulled in. 415 feet to right center-field wall is ridiculous. i do think the fences should be evened out to the same level all the way around the outfield.


i cant go by stats with this argument,because 2 of our boppers did not play much! i did not see other teams have too much problems hitting out of our stadium! leave it alone it is a beautiful stadium,and as was said go to the gym and hit some homers thats all!!

Bryan Thompson

I say leave them the way they are. You can’t just change something just because the Mets offense struggled to hit for power last year. Mark Reynolds sure didn’t have any trouble hitting HR’s there. From July 31 – August 3, he hit 4 Home Runs in 4 games at Citi Field.

First and foremost they need to stay healthy. Matt Holliday and/or Adrián González couldn’t hurt. 😉


Bryan Thompson

Forgot to include this:

The only thing I don’t like about the walls being high is, we’ll never seen a catch like Endy Chavez made in the 2006 NLCS. That’s my only complaint.


the walls are too tall. i was on the warning track twice over the last weekend of the season and got to see it from that perspective. it’s tall. but most of the problem is in the Mets, and that does need to be fixed. it’s somewhat ridiculous to think that a team was trying to play to their new ballpark (which I do), but it’s even more ridiculous that it seemed that they actually did that, and therein lies the real problem.

and with the bullpens, the Newark Star Ledger reported (with a photo) that the bullpens are being rotated 90 degrees so that they’re side-by-side when looking from home plate (instead of one being hidden).


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