A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

By / November 14, 2009 / 2009 Offseason

“My dream is to retire with the Mets colors. That’s my dream. That’s what I’m praying for, maybe it will happen, maybe not, but dreams sometimes come true, you know.”

-Edgardo Alfonzo, 13

I have dreams too. I had a dream back in 2000, a Mets World Championship. I thought it would have come to us. We had the best infield in the majors with Todd Zeile (I like John Olerud), Edgardo Alfonzo, Rey Ordoñez, and Robin Ventura.
It was a year we had gritty players. No player had more heart than Benny Agbayani. Our players could hit. I dreamt we would take it all that year. Unfortunately, we had Armando Benitez while the Yankees had Mariano Rivera.
Yeah. I had a dream. There is one player from that 2000 team that still shares in my dream.
Edgardo Alfonzo would love nothing more than to come back and play for the New York Mets so that he can retire in peace. He dreams, he hopes, he wishes for this to be a reality.
No other player has shown so much loyalty to one team. How important is this to one of the most beloved Mets players of all time?
The Fonz, after winning a championship with the Yomiuri Giants and playing 55 games with the Mexican League in 2008 and the Long Island Ducks from 2007-2008, he is heading to his home in Venezuela to play winter ball.
Loyalties aside, do you sign him? Do you take Alex Cora over Fonzie?
He just turned 36. Fonzie has had a history of back problems which is why not many teams are running to sign him.
What is this really about for Fonzie? Is this about the 2000 World Series and how badly it ended? Could it be unfinished business for him?
Only Fonzie can answer that. I am all for loyalty. I love it. Yet as a GM I have to think about what is best for the team.
Obviously he would not be playing everyday. He would be a bench player. Can he come off the bench and contribute?
Twice during his season with the Yomiuri Giants, May 1st and August 1st, Alfonzo was sent down to their minor leagues. They call it “dropped for readjustment“. There were no specific reasons given, but it is for the same reasons we would send a player down. It could be to work on his hitting or to get him playing time, etc.
What was his hitting like? 146/.293/.217 in 41 at-bats
From what I can see, at this point, he only provides loyalty and great leadership in the clubhouse. I’ve always believed in that, but you have to give me more than that. Leadership and loyalty does not equal hitting, fielding, and, above all else, a championship.
I will give this to the Fonz. He has become a bit more versatile. He has played 1B, 2B, 3B and he was a DH.
Let him play in winter ball to prove that he can better than he was with the Giants. I would probably give him a Spring Training invite. If he did not prove anything, he can go to the minors and work on what needs it. If an opportunity presents itself, I would bring him up providing he proved he can handle it.
I’m just tired of the Mets signing old players. With his history of back problems, I would be really hesitant. I understand he is a fan favorite. Do you jeopardize your chance at a championship for that?
Do you sign him?
I have a lot of hope for my future, I want to show people I can play in winter ball. I love the Mets and I love the Mets fans. I would like that dream to come true.
-Edgardo Alfonzo, 13
Sources: USA Today, New York Post, Japanese Baseball

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Jose Mercedes

WOW… I didn’t know Fonzie said that… I loved it when he was a met, but the back problems slowed him down…. His dream can come true. He can return to the mets as a coach, scout, etc …. Not a player… Alex Cora can still play, he’s all heart, very smart… We can’t replace him for Fonzie….
Fonzie will always be a met…. The Fans will always love him…. That’s a dream on its own


i would definitely agree to bring fonzie back. after all it cant hurt. who did we have there last year? cora, castillo, martinez, argenis reyes, wilson valdez. you telling me any one of these guys is better than fonzie? i doubt it. fonzie has always been a clutch player. when he left via free agency i was pissed off at the mets for not doing what it takes to keep him. i believe he is still a quality player. if your telling me that you’d prefer any one of those names listed above then i say i think fonzie at least deserves a shot. i wanna see fonzie win a championship and retire with the mets. i wanna see him as a mets coach and possible manager one day. he has the heart this team so badly needs. and with a desire that he has that would be so infectious in the clubhouse. maybe it will rub off on a few other mets. i still think fonzie can make a significant impact on this team. we should also bring endy chavez back. thats another player with alot of heart.

Jose Mercedes

We can give a chance to Fonzie as a coach… No one in the majors wants him as a player… Why should we? Cause he played for us… Noooooo…. Last time he appear in the majors was in 2006… We need all the help we can get, and it won’t be from fonzie… I thought he was retire…. I mean don’t get me wrong I love fonzie, I also Love Mike Piazza… but there time was then, not now…. But I guess your right… It wouldn’t hurt to give Fonzie a chance in spring training…..I ll be the first to wish him good luck…. Lets Go Mets 2010 and beyond………


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