Marquis Wants The Mets

By / November 19, 2009 / 2009 Offseason, Hot Stove

The question remains: Do the Mets want him?

The answer is yes. The Mets have always liked him. Last year, they were in talks with the Chicago Cubs to bring him here. Would have been better than signing Oliver Perez.

During the regular season, Jason Marquis made it perfectly to one player on the New York Mets that he wants nothing more than to come here to New York to pitch and not for the Yankees.

As a New York native himself, he would love nothing more. The Mets have spoken to his agent about his chances of moving to the Citi.

Yet you have to wonder how much of a priority is Marquis when you have free agents out there like John Lackey.

Well think about this:

Lackey is a Type A free agent. In other words, you will have to give up your first draft pick to sign him plus a “sandwich” pick between the first and second rounds. With the Mets farm system not as strong as we, or the Mets themselves, would like, can the Mets afford Lackey? In a sense you are making your farm system worse.

Marquis is a Type B free agent. Should the Mets choose to sign him, they will only be giving up a “sandwich” pick. Not that big of a deal, right?

Well, do you want to give up any picks for an average pitcher because that is exactly what you will be getting in return. I mean, Marquis only has a 4.48 career ERA with a 94-83 record. It’s nothing stellar.

One advantage to signing him is that he is among the best hitting pitchers in the majors. He does have a Silver Slugger from 2005.

If I were Omar Minaya, I would be asking if the dimensions at Citi Field will make him a better pitcher. Two of his best years pitching were while he was with Atlanta and St. Louis where his ERA was slightly over 3. He is 30 years old. He is not that old.

If it were me, I might take a chance on him if I knew that I was not able to get John Lackey. I am only worried about his walks. Last year alone he walked 80 batters in 216 innings. I hate pitchers who walk batters. It always bites them in the ass at some point during the game.

So the last two questions are: How much do you pay him? How long do you sign him for?

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I hope the Mets sign Lackey or trade for Doc Halladay and then sign Marquis to be their # 3 or 4 starter. Lets see 1-Santana 2-Lackey/Halladay 3-Marquis 4-Pelfrey 5-Perez and Niese could be used if someone gets hurt.


The Mets don’t “give up” those “sandwich picks”. As of right now those picks don’t exist. If the Mets don’t sign anyone, they don’t get to keep something they never had. The sandwich picks are created as compensation for the team losing the free agent, but it is not at the signing team’s expense (except for the fact that all subsequent picks–for all teams–get slid down one spot). The ONLY way the Mets would be losing their pick is if they sign a Type A free agent, and then they would be giving the Angels (in the case of Lackey) their first pick. But they may have finished low enough last year that their first pick could be protected, in which case the Angels would get their second round pick instead. So from a farm development point of view, Marquis is the safer bet. I don’t know what the love affair with Lackey is all about anyway. I guess just a weak year for free agent pitchers. Forget Lackey, forget Matt Holliday. Do whatever you can do to land Roy Halladay, and if not him, go get Jason Bay. That guy swings a nice bat!


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