Mets Making Mistakes Already?

By / December 1, 2009 / 2009 Offseason, Hot Stove

Well signings are happening with the Mets as we speak.

Yesterday they officially brought back INF Alex Cora.

I am pretty pleased with that. I think they did the right thing. He was good for the Mets when Jose Reyes was lost for the season. Cora held the fort down as best as he could. It was only a one year deal with an option for a second providing he meets certain requirements and it only cost the Mets $2 million.

Here’s where I am scratching my head.

Instead of bringing Brian Schneider back, they decide to bring in former Phillies catcher Chris Coste who, at 38 years old, is older than Schneider. It is for a split deal. So it is not going to kill the Mets. He still has to make the team. I like the idea of him having to prove himself worthy.

What does Coste think about it? Here’s what he told CSN:

I will always be a Phillie.

As far as Mets fans are concerned, you will always be a Philly too.

Did I mention Schneider is now with the Phillies? He just signed a two-year deal.

Coste is only supposed to be a back-up catcher. The question is to who? Will it be to Omir Santos? Indications seem to be “no”. Rumors are circulating the Mets are still keeping their options open for a primary catcher in either Bengie Molina or Henry Blanco, this according Ken Davidoff of Newsday.

This is how I feel. Schneider was really starting to have a good relationship with Josh Thole. Why not re-sign him to keep working with the kid? I would rather see Thole than Santos on the team next year.

The Mets insist on getting older and it is irking me. They need to get younger. Schneider was not bad for the Mets last year. He worked well with Thole when he came up. Coste was placed on waivers by the Phillies this year.

The offseason is still young and the Mets are making my brain hurt more than my media class.

Is this a sign of a horrible offseason? I will wait until the GM meetings to pass judgement.

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Schiender is a flat out bum and was a waste for the mets for the two years he played. He even didn’t play good defense as Omar thought he was goin to be, a solid defensive catcher. So this is non news that the mets signed coste. I think the mets are goin to sign another catcher to platoon with Santos and have Thole start out at AAA next season


Chris Coste said what????? And the mets signed this joker… Come on???
Well I’m happy Brian Schneider is gone….. He’s an awful player, and now the Phillies have him, that’s great!!!! lol… Well I see Omir Santos as the number 1 catcher; don’t know who will be number 2. Josh Thole will start the season in the minors and come up to major later in the season. Chris Coste will get drop by the mets and he will end up retiring because no one will want his sorry butt…. (I will always be a Phillies, PLEASE!!!!) Why would the mets sign this piece of crap…? Why? Why? Oh boy… I have a headache LOL


Chris Coste is a Met ! Yes the Mets will own the NL ! Coste is the answer.


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