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The article I was referring to has since been revised to exclude “latin”. The quote now reads:

…signing low-budget players,…

It was the right call to edit out the word “latin”. However, do you think the damage was already done?

I think so only because we all know what he originally meant.

So Jonathan Ragus of brought my attention to a piece that Bill Madden of the Daily News wrote.

Mets? Did somebody say the Mets?

They won’t spend the money for Holliday, Bay or Lackey and apparently, they’re only interested in signing low-budget Latin players, having shown little or no interest in Byrd, Figgins, DeRosa, Wolf or even Staten Island’s Jason Marquis, while waiting for their markets to come to them.

At the same time, the Phillies and Braves wasted no time in addressing their needs. Sad.

Well good flippin’ whoopdeedoo for the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies.

I think saying he is starting a racial war is a little strong to say, as one person said and numerous others are thinking. (By the way, I LOVE the comments left for Madden after he wrote the article.)

Here’s what Joew99 said:

Thanks to racist Madden I will now pick up the Post and USA Today even if it costs me .50 more daily. Madden you are such a racist bigot!

So Chris Coste is a “low-budget Latin player”? That is very interesting. I did not know there were Latinos in Fargo, North Dakota.

Here’s a newsflash for you, my dear Madden sir. The hot stove is just starting to heat up.

Another newsflash: The GM Meetings commence tomorrow.

So in other words, allow me to make it simpler for you, this is when everything really starts to happen.

Just because it seems to you like there has not been a lot of interest in a player, does not mean that there isn’t any.

Did it also dawn on you, Mr. Madden, that the Mets have so many holes to fill that they have to somehow spread out the money they intend to spend? Um, after all, they almost have to build an entirely new team from scratch.

You mention Lackey, Holliday, and Bay. The Mets cannot sign all of them. Maybe just one because those players will demand two arms, two legs, and maybe a torso. Or did you forget that Scott Bor-a$$ is Holliday’s agent?

The Mets are not the Yankees. They may have the second-highest payroll, but they are most certainly not the Yankees.

Maybe you should partner up with your fellow News writer, Anthony McCarron, who feels the Mets could be serious players in the services of Mr. John Lackey.

By the way, McCarron also mentions that Lackey has had trouble staying healthy the past couple of years. That should give the Mets more reason to go for him, isn’t that right Mr. Madden?

Madden, the News sounds like the Mets front office. You guys cannot agree on who the Mets are going for. You are a little discombobulated.

Would you like to lobby for a job?

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Ok so the people at the Daily News can take out “Latin” from their website. Well i’m looking at my copy of todays Daily News and let’s see page 74 and oh look there it is Bill Madden’s wonderful take on the Mets in all it’s glory. Here we are in the 21st century and yet this nonsense is still alive ?!? What a joke ! Madden is the bigger joke. To quote Madden “Sad”.


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