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By / December 7, 2009 / 2009 Offseason, Hot Stove

So the Winter Meetings have commenced over in Indy. What have the Mets accomplished? Meetings!

I have am so serious.

Then again, what did you expect on the first day. Right now, it is all about meeting with agents and seeing if you can hammer a deal out. November was all about getting a feel for what was being asked for and what was available. Now you work out deals.

One deal seems to be imminent and could happen by tomorrow.

I’m speaking about catcher, Bengie Molina. This is according to Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest. Apparently what seems to be the problem is the length of the contract. Molina wants three years and the Mets are only willing to go two years.

Jon Heyman of reports the Mets want to offer a $6 million deal for one year with an option for a second. If push comes to shove, they might be willing to go up to two guaranteed years, but do not want to if they do not have to.

The Mets are getting smart in not giving free agents long term contracts. I like the idea of only going two to four years on a player depending on their age, ability, etc.

Other names linked to the Mets are Josh Willingham and Nelson Cruz. Of course everyone’s favorite first baseman, Nick Johnson has also been mentioned.

Joel Sherman of the Post has brought up pitcher Kelvim Escobar as being an interest of the Mets and Yankees in a tweet.

I’m very weary of Escobar since he has only made one appearance in two years due to injuries. You know how I feel about players like that. That’s one reason I was never to keen on bringing in Johnson.

So nothing is very promising right now. There are still a couple of days left. So no need to panic right now.

The Mets are still looking into John Lackey and others.

More as I get it.

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I know you’ll keep all your readers updated on all the wheeling and dealing. Lets hope Omar will bring all us Mets fans some nice winning championship players.


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