“Don’t hold your breath”

By / December 9, 2009 / 2009 Offseason, Hot Stove

Those are not very confident words you want to hear when it comes to trades. You want to hear that they are trying.

Let me back up a minute. This was said in reference to being able to move Luis Castillo to another team. If you’ve been following the Winter Meetings, you will have heard his name attached to numerous trade talks.

Well it is looking like he is staying put, much to my dismay because I want Orlando Hudson.

At this point it is looking like everyone is staying.

These meetings are nothing like last years. At this point last year, Omar Minaya already had signed J.J. Putz and Francisco Rodriguez sending Mets fans into euphoria.

These meetings have only give Mets fans glimpses of what could have been with all the talks: Randy Wolf, John Lackey, Bengie Molina.

Nothing has been accomplished. You can only say something was accomplished if something becomes of all the talks. It is just talks. It is just meetings. While Minaya and company are “talking”, other teams are picking up free agents.

A contract is going to be offered to Molina for two years around $12 million. It is a good deal and Molina should just sign it.

Another catcher! How wonderful! I wonder if the Mets will use the others for trade bait. All of the money they have are going to catchers.

Enough with the catchers and get me my pitchers and at least one big bat.

Sources: Newsday and The Post

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The Coop

I am a pretty patient fan but we have to be discouraged that the Wilpons and Sterling Mets are that out of touch with their own fan base that they couldn’t make something work for this round of winter meetings. I know that Holliday, Bay and Lackey will probably be the last ones to be signed. But why do I get the feeling it will be the Vlad Guerrero debacle all over again? Give him third tier money at his first-tier playing days? I root for a team of morons. Coop for GM!

Tanya Mercado

O geez! Coop I hope you are wrong. I am just going to keep hope alive and think the Mets have something in the works that nobody is talking about.


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