Mets Bidding For Bay

By / December 9, 2009 / 2009 Offseason, Rumors

The Mets feel they are in play for Jason Bay. Ed Price of FanHouse thinks if should the Mets miss out on Bay, they will go for Matt Holliday.

However, their preference is for Bay. They have heavy competition though. The Angels also have an interest and it does not look like the Red Sox have given up either.

I would like to see Bay on the Mets. I would not even argue having Holliday. Fans need to remember that both are not the greatest defensively.

You have to take your pick. Do you want power or average? Bay would be a power hitter. Holliday would hit for a higher average.

So pick your poison. Who would you prefer? Bay or Holliday?

I would take power.

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M. Sinko

I want Bay, we don’t need another power hitter, we need someone who’s gonna make contact most of the time.

Bay just turned down the Red Sox offer. It seems some other team made the offer to five years. Hope it’s us.

Tanya Mercado

Hi Mike. How are things? Bay doesn’t want to go back to Boston. I think he’ll end up with either Seattle or Anaheim because it’s closer to home and that’s what he wants.

M. Sinko

Things are good. I joined the Army and am stationed in Alabama right now. I see the site is doing good. How’s everything?

Tanya Mercado

OMG! Mike! Please be careful. Stay in contact.

Things are okay. Studying hard for my degree hoping I graduate in a year and a half. The site is doing pretty good. Thanks. But all credit for this goes to you, my friend. šŸ™‚ Glad you are still visiting the site.


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