Wolf Makes Decision

By / December 9, 2009 / 2009 Offseason, Hot Stove

So Randy Wolf is now a Milwaukee Brewer. They agreed to a three year deal worth $29 million.

The Mets could not do that? Seriously? I’m a little disgusted and vexed right now. I’m not even sure how I can sit here and blog.

I know we would all prefer John Lackey. Still, Wolf would have made a nice addition to the rotation considering we have three crazies with Mike Pelfrey, Oliver Perez, and John Maine.

Did I mention he is a left handed pitcher? I mean, come on now. I hate the fact we have Perez. I would have taken Wolf over Perez last year.

Supposedly the Mets offered Wolf two years, but Wolf wanted three. I think I would have been inclined to give him the three years if I felt Lackey is way out of reach.

I will say this. Omar Minaya is really trying to be careful right now. He does not want to overpay or overextend potential players.

Oh well! What are you going to do?

Source: Ken Rosenthal

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I think Wolf gives the Brewers 2 of the highest paid 4th starters in all of baseball!! Jeff Suppan & Randy Wolf r both smiling all the way to the bank!


Lackey scares me! I wouldn’t give him morre then 3 years $45 million! Felix now thats a different story!! If the Mets could trade 4 him now I say do it!!

M. Sinko

Three years for Wolf is a little to much. We seen how he choked in the Playoffs, we already have enough choke artists.

Tanya Mercado

It seems when it comes to the Mets, everything is crapshoot. We could get the best player on the market and they will come here to choke. It pisses me off.


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