Yanks Are Only Movers and Shakers in NYC

By / December 9, 2009 / 2009 Offseason, Hot Stove

UPDATE 11:00am

The Yankees have re-signed beloved Yanks pitcher Andy Pettitte for one year at $11.75 million.

The Yankees have made their wants known and are making the moves to get them. Granderson is just the beginning.

Yesterday they managed to accomplish a three-team deal to acquire 29-year-old Curtis Granderson from the Tigers. The third team involved was the D’backs.

The Yanks got Granderson for pocket change only sending away Ian Kennedy, Austin Jackson and Phil Coke.

The Yankees are now pursuing pitching. The Yankees are coming after Andy Pettitte with an offer to be expected around $12 million for one year.

On top of that, the Yankees, and the Mets, are meeting with the agent for pitcher Ben Sheets as reported by Joel Sherman of the Post in a tweet.

Not to mention their meeting with Jason Marquis’ agent, which Brian Cashman did confirm. Cashman said he has every intention of pursuing pitchers including the top tier free agents.

If there is a pitcher out there, the Yankees are going to, at the very least, inquire about them.

Anybody want to bet they are in the running for Roy Halladay as well?

There has not been much going on during these meetings. It is only just that, meetings.

Will anything major get accomplished for the Mets? At this point, even I have my doubts. They are only doing a lot of talking, but no deal making. Everything that even seemed like a deal in the making, has fallen apart.

Do not expect anything to get done. I do not see a Christmas present coming our way by the New York Mets.

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So here are the Yankees coming off a championship and they’re not standing still. They’re making moves to get better then ever. Now here’s the Mets coming off a injury ridden season with major needs in LF,C and of course Pitchers. What have they done ? Signed the mighty Chris Coste and Henry Blanco both catchers ! Plus Omir Santos is still on the team. I don’t get what this team is trying to do here. Please help me figure this out Tanya. UGGGGGGGHHHH ! At least one NY team has jumped right in and show their fans they are all about winning. PLEASE PUT OMAR AND THE WILPONS ON NOTICE AGAIN !

Tanya Mercado

LOL! You want another blog to put them on notice again? I’m beginning to think those are the more popular blogs.

You forgot first base. The Mets need a decent first baseman. Murphy is not cutting it.


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