New Year, Same Hopes

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No I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I had a lot going on in December between finals and work. Apparently there is plenty that needs to be talked about because I have been getting emails and FB messages.

First off: Happy New Year to everybody! Hope you all had a great and safe one, unlike Mr. Edwin Encarnacion of the Blue Jays who took a firecracker to the face. Ouch! He’s fine. For the Jays fans out there, he will be back in a couple of weeks to workout. He just had minor burns.

So we made it through 2009. It was not a merciful ending, but it ended nonetheless.

Now every Mets fan out there is wondering what 2010 is going to bring them. A championship? Another injury ridden season? Another jinx of some sort?

You know what? I’ll be happy if they make it to the playoffs even if it is through the wildcard.

The Mets now have OF Jason Bay. Okay! Big deal! The Mets need more than just one OF if they have any hopes of getting to the playoffs.

So they also brought aboard reliever Kelvim Escobar to help the bullpen out. Okay. Nothing major.

We have half a dozen catchers which is driving me mad.

While Omar Minaya has made some improvements to this team, kudos to him by the way for getting Bay, there are still major gaps that need filling before we can dream about the playoffs.

What about a first baseman? A starting pitcher or two would be nice too.

I’m not completely comfortable going into the 2010 season with what we have right now. While I’m excited we are a month away from pitcher and catchers reporting, to me it just means it is time to do some shopping for TUMS and get a prescription for some anti-anxiety drugs.

Speaking of anxiety, I hope Mike Pelfrey has enough of those pills to last him an entire season. If not, I can share mine with him. I am demoting him to a middle of the rotation man. He is my number three guy followed by John Maine, and Oliver Perez. Although right now I am thinking Jon Niese can take the place of Perez.

So we still need a number two pitcher.

Maybe we could use a new manager? A new medical staff?

Well, I’ll hold off on the new manager until I see what Jerry Manuel can do with a healthy team.

I’m holding judgement of the medical staff after what I heard about the Jose Reyes injury being blamed on the Dodgers med staff. Then again, it was the Mets med staff and not the Dodgers who dealt with the rest of the injuries on the team. There were still some mistakes there.

So what are my predictions for 2010?

A dismal one if these areas are not addressed.

Think about this. With the moves the Washington Nationals have made, the Mets have the potential of ending the season at the bottom of the division.

Like I said, get the TUMS and anti-anxiety drugs ready.

It is a new year with the same hopes yet we have a chance at having the same old Mets.

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Escobar use to be a starting pitcher. Will he be completing for a spot in the rotation or is he in the bullpen?

PS> Happy New Year to everyone. Tanya, I love playing with the snow. It follows the mouse!

Tanya Mercado

Nilvio I’m not really sure where the Mets will be placing him. He could have a shot at the rotation. Most of his career though, he has been a reliever. At leat up until 2004. As a starter it seems like he is more injury prone because he had a series of injuries in ’05 and had season ending shoulder surgery in ’08 during Spring Training. It is really up to the Mets what they want to do. If they are really desperate, they could have him audition.

I would probably start him out in the bullpen because he really has not seen much action since his surgery which required the removal of a muscle in his back. You may want to read this article I found from 2008.

Even Escobar was worried about his career as a starter. But he could effective in the bullpen.


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