Where Omar Went Wrong

By / January 3, 2010 / 2009 Offseason

I know without a shadow of a doubt someone is bound to leave a comment about how the Wilpons went wrong when they brought in Omar Minaya.

Well here’s a notice to you: Things started going wrong the day Doubleday sold his half of the Mets to Wilpon.

I think it is easy to say what and who are doing the wrong things at this point.

In this case, Minaya has done a few mistakes so far in the off-season. I believe there are two reasons the Mets have missed out on a couple of good deals.

  1. Jason Bay
  2. Bengie Molina

I think Minaya was too focused on these two players that he kind of blinded himself as to the availability of the other players out there. You can also probably throw in trying to trade Luis Castillo, but I think all of you are glad he is trying to.

So because he waited on these two players, he failed to bring aboard Jason Marquis and a few others.

Personally, signing Marquis should have been a no-brainer. That should have been his primary target once Marquis made it known he wanted to come. Not many players say they want to play for the Mets.

Fans of the New York Mets love home players. Bring in Marquis and you bring in more fans.

I have to say I am a Minaya sympathizer. I believe Minaya has done a lot of things right for the Mets and their fans. Unfortunately, things did not work out the way he had planned it. It happens. All of you have been excited over the years with the players he has brought in.

I guess loyalty has gone out the window. You forget all of the good things he has done. Whatever you wanted, he brought in. Maybe it is time he just ignored all of you.

No matter because at this point even I had found myself scratching my head. I give him a lot of points for bringing in Bay though. That was definitely a great move but it is not enough.

We are a little more than a month away from pitchers and catcher reporting to Port St. Lucie. Cn you believe it? Yet there are not enough pitchers to even report. I’m talking good pitchers. We have Oliver Perez. Really? Are you going to tell me you are okay with this?

Minaya really needs to get a number two pitcher. My guess it will have to be via a trade. Not much is out there since Marquis decided to go with the Gnats and John Lackey went to the Red Sox. No that is not a mispelling. They are annoying like gnats.

Minaya knows this is his last chance. This season will mean life or death for maybe his career. So he does have to tread softly. He cannot afford to go crazy with signing any player who happens to have good numbers.

Say what you want about Minaya, but he gets it. The fans do not. Minaya understands that it is not just about athleticism and numbers for a player to be able to play in New York. Not at all! That is just the beginning.

As a GM for a New York team, you also have to contemplate mental make-up. Can the player handle the pressure of New York? Will the player excel or fail under the hot and grueling spotlight of the New York stage? Not many can. Minaya understands that.

Omar Minaya has more pressure on him than any other GM in any sport. He literally has the pressure of the world on his shoulders. I would not want to be him right now.

How can Omar make it right?

He can tell the media and the fans to shut the hell up and let him do his job. If he does not want to, I’ll do it. I’m very vocal like that.

After that, he needs to just shut out the media and the fans. No radio, no newspapers, no internet. NOTHING! It just has to be about him and making things happen over the phones.

We are reaching a critical point. No games! No staying focused on just one player. I’m sure he has been making numerous calls. I’m sure he is doing what he needs to do. But he cannot afford to just stay talking to one position player. Keep calling numerous ones. For every one main player you want, you need five back-ups that would be good for the team.

My note to Minaya:

I know you are doing your best, ut this is a do-or-die season for you.

No matter how much Fred Wilpon loves you, Jeff is out to make you look like a fool. Turn the tables around on him. You got rid of Tony Bernazard. You will not be able to get rid of Jeff, but you can make him shut the hell up. Do what you have to do.

Minaya, it is time to be a hard-ass. I wrote the book on it and am more than willing to send you a copy.

Put the pressure on the agents of players you want. Make them shake. Trip them up. Time to play dirty. Time to play hardball. You are in New York. Softball does not work here.

Make it happen Minaya. Only you can. Nobody else will do it for you. People are calling for your job. Do not give it up. Well, at least until I get there. Ha!

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Phil Groh

Welcome back! I missed reading your blog entries. I happen to agree that our troubles started when the Doubledays sold their share of the Mets to the Wilpons. I also agree that we need a #2 pitcher in the worst way. I do not have 100% trust in Omar, though. I would have fired him after the Bernazard incident. That was a complete lack of professionalism and certainly poor PR. He’ll be on my good side if he brings in a solid #2 pitcher and sorts the catcher mess out via a trade. Lets go Mets! And hey, lets go Jets too!

Tanya Mercado

Thanks Phil. I missed writing too. But I seriously needed a break. lol

A lot of people would have fired Minaya at that point. I would have considered it as well. One thing you don’t do is go after the press. But that is probably one of the biggest mistakes he made while with the Mets. So I was willing to forgive and forget.

Here’s to a better year in 2010.


It will be tough to bring in a number 2. Lackey was the only free agent number 2 pitcher available. And Boston gave him so much more than the mets offered. Blame that on Omar or the wilpons. But, they did go after Lackey. The mets didn’t have the prospects to trade for Halladay. Phils had Lee and Happ. Who did the mets have? Marquies is not a number 2 pitcher. He is a solid back of the rotation pitcher. I, personally, like him. But, for some reason the mets don’t. And they choose not the sign him. And if Castillo gets traded, it will be incredible. He makes a lot of money, is old, doesn’t play good defense anymore, can’t run, can’t hit for power. WOW> this is our second basemen.

Tanya Mercado

I honestly do not see the Mets bringing in a pitcher that will really bolster this rotation. The guys that are already here are going to really have to step it up. The only way the Mets may have a chance at a pitcher is after the season starts and some team is doing so bad they decide to have a fire sale.


#2 Starter? How about Jon Niese as a #5?:
1. Santana
2. Pelfrey
4. Nieve
5. Niese
(Ollie can go to AAA and work himself out)


My gut feeling is our starters will look like this. 1-Santana 2-Sheets 3-Pelfrey 4-Maine 5-Perez (Who makes way too much money to start season in the minors.)


I would be happy if the Mets got Sheets (for the right price) he could be a very good number 2, if he stills healthy. We all know that is a big if!!! Also, Jon garland, he had a very strong year last year. Pitch well in big games also. He isn’t very consistent (I know, we hear that a lot when it comes to our pitchers), but is also durable. He will throw 200 innings and strike out a lot of guys. He is also a ground ball pitcher. If the mets bring him in and take a flyer on Sheet. If all pans out, you are looking at this rotation:

1. Santana
2. Sheets
3. Garland
4. Pelfry
5. Perez

Maine in the bullpen

Guys like Nieve, Niese (who showed flashes), and maybe even Purnell, waiting to move into the rotation.


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