Does Not Improve The Team?

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Seriously? Was Hal Bodley, a senior correspondent for, demented when he made that statement? How does adding Jason Bay to the New York Mets not improve the team?

That is sheer lunacy!

The Mets needed a bat.

Were they supposed to go into the 2010 season with just Jose Reyes, David Wright, Daniel Murphy, Luis Castillo, a catcher to  be named at some point, Jeff Francoeur, Carlos Beltran and only the Lord knows what LF fielder? Maybe Angel Pagan. How silly of me! Of course they were. Because it worked out so well for them last year.

Oh wait a minute! Some of them were injured. So we could never really know now can we?

There is a fine line between crazy and stupidity. Bodley is on it.

I agree with Bodley when he said the Mets need pitching. Nobody is denying that. I think it is pretty unanimous even amongst the Mets officials.

But to say Bay does not really improve the team is an idiotic and very careless statement. Bay greatly improves that lineup just by taking some of the pressure off of Wright because Wright seems to crack under it.

So I am very sorry, Mr. Bodley. I very much disagree with your assessment.

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Cliff "ZEKE"

I agree with you about Bay but disagree that Wright can’t handle pressure.
There are a combination of things that messed him up.

#1: Citifield. When I first saw the stadium and took a look at how deep the Modells area was I thought, “Are they crazy?”. Wright is famous for his opposite field homers and so many drives last season either went off the wall or were caught.

#2: They tried to change his hitting style.

#3: As you stated, he had nobody to protect him but I think that would affect anybody because you just don’t get any good pitches to hit.


I understand the Mets with all the injuries last year had a bad year. However i find it funny how this time a year ago many people had the Mets as a playoff contender. Most of the players from last year’s team are back and now the Mets are adding Bay and soon will add Molina and some new arms(Ben Sheets) to the mix. Yet all the “Experts” have the Mets as a 500. Ballclub…smh. It really makes me laugh. I’ll go on record and say the Mets will do very well in 10. The Mets will also make a big move before the trading deadline that will get them into the playoffs. Just watch Mr.Bodley !


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