Lowell For Castillo

By / January 5, 2010 / Hot Stove

No chance in hell!

There are conflicting reports on what it would take to make this trade happen.

One report has said the Mets would have to take most of Lowell’s contract, if not all of it. Other reports have noted the Red Sox are more than willing to take on most of the $12 million owed to Lowell just to get him moved to another team.

Should the deal happen, it would give the Mets the chance to bring on my favorite, Orlando Hudson to play second. (Yes Jeff, I am bringing his name up again.)

Lowell would obviously play first base. So where would that leave Carlos Delgado who is back in playing mode to prove he can play? Well, the Mets are supposedly “very interested” in bringing him back. But should this trade go through, I do not see it happening.

Also take into consideration that Lowell was supposed to go to the Texas Rangers last month, but failed his physical when it was said he needed surgery to repair his thumb.

Personally, I would take a repaired thumb over a repaired hip.

Perdón Delgado! You may be a fellow Boricua, but you are a high health risk. Adíos amigo! Vaya con Díos!

Alas, the deal is nowhere close to happening. So do not get your hopes up about Castillo leaving.

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