Debate It: Pitchers vs Hitters

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Tony LaRussa made an interesting statement on the MLB Network regarding Mark McGwuire’s admission on steroid use.

He said that pitchers have used as well as hitters. This got me thinking. How often do we here of pitchers on steroids?

Roger Clemens is the one who pops into my head. Others have been relievers like Jason Grimsley who pitched for the Yankees in 1999-2000. Andy Pettite does not count because he used PED’s (performance-enhancing drugs).

So who does steroids really benefit: pitchers or hitters?

Well for hitters it helps them get stronger so they can hit the ball farther.

For pitchers it helps them recover faster between pitching days.

You figure, they are in the World Series, Game 7. You have the chance to get the final out and help your team win. Do you want the ball? Yes! Well, if you threw 50-70 pitches the day before, no chance you are pitching the next day. That is unless you use ‘roids. Faster recovery.

So what do you think? Who do you think benefits more from ‘roids? Who do you think can really change the game? Is it the swing of a bat or a pitch?

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I look at it this way. There were many players on the list that were average players doing steriods and it didn’t turn them into Hall of Famers. The problem was that great players were using it and breaking records. I mean, there were some guys on that list that made me laugh. Jason Grimsley? hahaha. I laugh. He is an average pitcher. Steriods didn’t help him pitch better. It helped him recovered quicker, which was good for the opposing teams because he wasn’t that good. I look at guys like Adam Piatt, who never made it to the majors. Because, he wasn’t that good. He hit .220 in the minors, and had a lot of home runs. But, wasn’t really good.

I think steriods is bad for baseball. But, I don’t agree with the idea that steriods make you a better baseball player. If that were the case, I should be able to start a cycle this year and be in the minors next year.


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