Debate It: Should McGwire Get Voted Into HoF?

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Now that Mark McGwire has finally admitted to what he has done, do you think he deserves the right to be voted into the Hall of Fame?

Many people have debated this since the Congressional hearings. Many have said that they would despite that accusations.

Well does his admission change that? If it does, how? If he does get the vote, should Barry Bonds get the vote as well?

How does admitting to the use of steroids affect a player’s chances of getting into the Hall of Fame? Should players be held accountable for it by not being allowed to get in?

Let your voices be heard. I want to know what you think. I will post my comments about this in two day. You have two days (until Wednesday) to vote before the poll will be closed.

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Ed Leyro

Why should he ever go in? He only had 1,626 hits in his career, or just slightly over 1,000 hits that weren’t home runs. He only scored 1,167 runs, meaning he only scored 584 runs over his entire career when he didn’t drive himself in. He never had a season with more than 28 doubles. His career average was .263. He’s a glorified Dave Kingman. Steroids or no steroids, he’s not a Hall-of-Famer.


Ed….. You are the man!!! People, Mark Mcguire is not a hall of famer. He didn’t even have 2,000 hits. Come on now… Keith Hernandez has 2,100 hits, a .296 batting average, more runs scored, and almost 1100 rbis, the best defensive first basemen in his era. And he isn’t in the hall. I would be shocked if Mcguire is in the hall of fame.

Barry Bonds, is a no doubt first ballot hall of famer. Now, the writers may keep him out into the second or third year because of his attitude. But, he was a hall of famer before the homeruns. Look at his numbers, they are incredible.

2,935 hits, 2,227 runs scored, 601 doubles, 1996 rbi, .298 ba, 514 sb
He has been the MVP 7 times and has 8 gold gloves.

Same goes with Roger Clemens.


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